Exchange Program

IIIT Bangalore has a very active and vibrant international student exchange program. In the academic year 2015-2016, nine students got a chance to visit international universities to work on interesting research projects. These universities are spread over different continents, from North America to Europe to Asia. All the students were funded either through scholarships or student exchange programs. One student’s visit to MIT is sponsored by scholarship given by our own alumni Uday Hegde.

The iMTech students listed below participated in summer internship, for a duration of upto 3 months (May – Jul 2016). The MTech students worked on 6 month long (Jan-Jun 2016) research projects.


Name Roll Number Internship
Srikrishna S Bhat IMT2012042 NTHU, Hsinchu, Taiwan in the Electrical Enginering and Computer Science Department, with Prof. H. T. Chen
Susarla Praneeth Kumar IMT2012043 University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver
Devarsh K U IMT2013012 University of Konstanz
    Prof. Marc. H. Scholl (DAAD Scholarship)
B. Laasya IMT2013008 University: EPFL ( Summer@EPFL )
Department: The distributed Information System Laboratory (LSIR)
Professor: Prof. Karl Aberer
Anusha P S IMT2012007 Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany at the Institute of Information Systems (IISYS). under Prof. Dr. Richard Goebel (Head of IISYS)
Kumaresh Krishnan IMT2013021 University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Media Labs
Research Group: Human Dynamics
Professor: Alex 'Sandy' Pentland
Ananth Murthy IMT2012004 Hof University of Applied Sciences, Germany,


Name Roll Number Internship
Divya Rao MT2014032 Nottingham University, UK
Yuvraj Verma MT2014139 Nottingham University, UK