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The Robotics lab at IIIT-B focuses on theoretical and experimental work in the areas of Mobile Robots, such as Ground Robots and Quadrotor aircraft (drones), as well as robotic manipulators. As Robotics is an interdisciplinary field, concepts from Computer Vision, Algorithms, Feedback Control, Embedded Systems, to name a few, are widely applied in the problems currently being tackled in the lab. Some of the problems of current interest are Cooperative Collision Avoidance in a swarm of robots, both in 2-D and 3-D space; Algorithms for Collaborative Task Execution; Human-Robot interaction; GPS-denied Navigation, to name a few. The lab is equipped with an Indoor Robotics Studio consisting of 5 ground robots and 3 drones.

The Robotics Lab is also closely associated with and houses the Remote Lab, whose objective is to allow experiments on electro-mechanical systems to be performed online in a real-time setting on actual hardware and not a simulated environment.