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Admissions for the academic year 2022-'23 are closed.

For queries related to admissions to the research degree programs, please write to research.admissions@iiitb.ac.in

Important information

One-stop page for program descriptions, program manuals, admissions brochure:


Research admissions website (main website for research admissions, with the call-for-applications):


Research admissions portal (for online registration): http://pravesh.iiitb.net

Research domains: https://www.iiitb.ac.in/courses/master-of-science-by-researchdoctor-of-philosophy

Research admissions e-mail ID (for queries or communication with the Institute on admissions-related matters): research.admissions@iiitb.ac.in


A. On admissions process:

1. How can I submit my application for research degree programs at IIIT Bangalore?

You have to submit your application online using given admission portal.

2. What is the timeline for the admissions process?

Details can be found in our call-for-applications, which is available at our main website for research admissions. The entire process is from February-May for admissions to Term I (August-December) and October-December for admissions to Term 2(January-May).

3How do I pay my application fees?

Follow the instructions on the admissions portal.

B. On eligibility criteria:

1. What are the research domains at IIIT Bangalore?

The research domains at IIITB are aligned to the mainstream research done by faculty members at the Institute. The domains form the administrative structure for the research admissions. Faculty members from each domain take ownership in terms of eligibility criteria for admission in their areas of specialization, and they play a major role in selecting the applications categorized under their respective domains. As of January 2017, there are seven research domains at the Institute: Computer Science; Data Sciences; Electronic Systems Design; Information Technology & Society; Mathematics & Basic Sciences; Networking, Communications & Signal Processing; Software Engineering.

2. Do I need GATE score for applying for the research degree programs at IIIT Bangalore?

Requirement of GATE score depends on the requirement specified by the research domain that aligns with your research interests.

3. Can the eligibility criteria for Computer Science, Software Engineering and Data Sciences can be used interchangeably?

No, the eligibility criteria for Computer Science, Software Engineering and Data Sciences are different, and cannot be used interchangeably.

4. What is the syllabus and format for written examination in the different research domains?

The candidates shortlisted for interview will be notified via email. It will be communicated in that email if the candidate has to take the written examination, in which case, the details of the written examination will be given in the email as well.

5. I have a valid score in a national entrance examination, which is listed as a requirement by the research domain. Will I still need to take the written examination at IIIT Bangalore?

During our review process, it will be determined if your overall profile matches our criteria for shortlisting. In case you satisfy all the other criteria but fall short on the score, we will invite you to take the written examination. However, this also depends on the logistics of any specific admissions cycle, and will be subjected to the criteria that prevail for the concerned admissions cycle. The requirement for taking the written examination will be specified in our email inviting you for the interview at IIITB, if you are shortlisted.

6. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and extensive work experience. Can I apply for your Doctor of Philosophy program?

We do not consider work experience in lieu of Masters degree requirement. At this time, our requirement for Masters degree for Doctor of Philosophy admissions is strict. Nevertheless, we encourage applicants to apply for our Master of Science by Research program and then in case of continued interested, apply for the doctoral program by special admission, as specified in our Master of Science by Research program manual.

7. I have a MCA. Can I apply for your Doctor of Philosophy program?

We do not consider MCA to be equivalent to M.Tech. and hence we will not consider you to be eligible for our Doctor of Philosophy program. Nevertheless, we encourage you to apply for our Master of Science by Research program.

8. Can I enrol for Master of Science by Research program and continue for your doctoral program?

Our program manual for Master of Science by Research specifies the option for special admissions for our Master of Science by Research students to bypass their regular admissions process for our doctoral program. This can be done soon after the student submits his/her Masters thesis, and while the student is still completing the Masters program.

C. On research degree programs:

1. Can I register part-time for the research degree programs?

Yes, one can register as a part-time student for our research degree programs.

2. What are the differences between full-time and part-time registrations for the research degree programs?

The type of registration (i.e. part-time or full-time) has no bearing on the requirements of the program, which are the same for all students enrolled in the program. The degree program requirements, i.e. for graduation from the concerned degree program, the fee structure, and the timetable for the lecture-based courses are the same for both full-time and part-time registrations. The flexibility for part-time students lies in using more one-on-one courses with their advisors/thesis supervisors; and also in a lighter semester load (i.e. 8 credits for part-time vs. 16 credits for a full-time student). Our program manuals have the details on semester load.

It is mandatory that part-time students, who are employed at an external organization at any point in their research degree program, obtain appropriate IP clearance and submit a No Objection Certificate from their concerned employers for their academic work at IIITB.

3. Are admissions for research programs open under the sponsorship or external registration categories, which are mentioned in your program manuals?                            
At this time, we do not have openings in sponsorship/external registration category currently.

4. Where can I find details about the tuition fees and other fees for the degree programs?

The details can be found in the admissions page in the website.

5. What do I write for SOP and Research preparation while applying?

For SOP - Describe in a short .pdf document your motivation for seeking admission to the IIIT-B research programs. It is important for us to understand your vision and long-term goals that have prompted you to apply.

For Research Preparation - Describe in a short document how you have emotionally and academically prepared yourself for the demanding research programs at IIIT-B. Ideally this must complement your Statement of Purpose and also justify the choice of program / domain / area of research you have indicated.

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