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The E-Health Research Center (EHRC) is an interdisciplinary research center that spreads across all areas of research interests in IIITB. The Center is an outcome of the research initiative to do applied research in the use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) to meet the healthcare needs of the under-served and marginal population groups in India and similar regions across the world, with a focus on affordability, accessibility and availability of technology solutions covering [medical] devices, [health] data, and delivery [platforms and models]. The goal for this center is to work passionately towards leveraging ICTs to expand the reach and quality of healthcare in India by impacting on not only technologies of healthcare, but also health-related policies and capacity-building. EHRC envisions to be a center of excellence which will focus on applied research in the e-health domain, build long-term partnerships with other stakeholders across sectors; and establish IIITB as a leading research institution in leveraging IT for healthcare.

Key Research Projects

  1. Modelling the changes in brain anatomy during a surgery
  2. Automated bed-management for NIMHANS
  3. Developing wearable devices to aid in physical rehabilitation under the supervision of physiotherapists
  4. Relevance of paper based health records to patients in the mental health programme
  5. Automated medical transcription
  6. Development of upper limb wearable assistive device

email: ehrc@iiitb.ac.in