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IIIT Bangalore alumni consisting of over 3500 graduates (as on July 2021) are the true ambassadors of the Institute. They occupy key positions in major Indian and international corporations and are actively engaged in mentoring current students on the campus. Our alumni are spread all across the world and have achieved various feats as researchers and entrepreneurs.

  • Network: The alumni association is an immense network of professional contacts—all with whom you already have one thing in common. Need to get a foot in the door for your next job, or curious if an organization that’s pursuing you is the right fit? You should also attend events and join professional groups to build relationships over the long-term.

  • Future Generation: Mentor current students and help them excel during placements, advise on academic projects and higher education, give technical talks and share industry experiences, encourage them to become entrepreneurs and researchers.

  • Reconnect with your friends: Whether you just graduated or reached the peak of your career, your college friends are your friends for life. Connect with them by engaging in committees, international alumni boards, organize events, and more through your alumni networks.

  • Discounts on Courses: Alumni have the benefit of availing discounts on Diploma and other short term courses which they would like to pursue in the future

  • IIIT Bangalore Innovation Center: If you are an entrepreneur or part of a startup, you can be a part of our innovation center which mentors and helps you with your product from idea/seed stage to go to market stage.

  • Library: Continue your research and enrich your mind with alumni access to an archive of online journals

  • Campus Facilities: Perhaps the most recognizable figure in college alumni circles is the sports enthusiast. College sports fans are some of the most ardent school supporters, and free or discounted game tickets are popular features of an alumni association membership.

Our alumni and their organizations can make a significant difference in the institute by contributing financially as well. You can donate in various ways below:

Scholarships:  A grant of INR 17 lakhs will graduate one iM.Tech student meeting both tuition and living expenditure over the five year period. A grant of INR 7 lakhs will enable one M Tech student to meet his tuition and living expenditure. The Institute charges lower tuition for PhD scholars. Thus a grant of INR 17 lakhs will meet their reduced tuition, living expenditure and leave them with a stipend over a four year period.

Support to Research Centres: This would be based on discussion and mutually agreed work plan over a three or five year period.

Support to innovation: A grant of INR 50 lakhs will enable us to provide seed capital to an idea till it reaches the market. Needless to say the grantor will be involved in all stages of decision making for any of the above ways of participation.

Financial Benefits to the Alumni:

Apart from the satisfaction of supporting a noble cause, you can account for this expenditure under the mandated CSR activity. In case you do not want to use CSR funds, but account the grant/donation  as expenditure in the books of accounts, you will get benefits under section 80G or 35 (1) (2) of the IT act  to reduce the income tax substantially. This also creates warm feelings within the student and teaching community of the institute, but also visitors to the institute and its website. Please write to alumnioffice@iiitb.ac.in or outreach@iiitb.ac.in to get bank details and other information.

Alumni Committee: https://iiitb.ac.in/committees-clubs/committees/alumni-committee 

Student Benevolent Fund:

A Student Benevolent Fund (SBF) at IIIT Bangalore has been created for the benefit of students from financially weaker households to provision aid for activities related to their education, boarding, health or such other exigencies which cannot be met through other available scholarships. The Fund is managed by a Committee with the Director as the Chairperson and Coordinator (Student Affairs) as the Member Secretary and with representation from the faculty and alumni. On average, the SBF has been providing financial assistance to 25-30 students every term; the assistance has covered partial tuition fee expenses to complete tuition and living expenses, depending on the need of the respective students.

The financial stress that many households had to go through during the pandemic has led to an increase in applications and, therefore, the SBF is seeking generous contributions from the IIITB Alumni to ensure none of the admitted students has to drop off due to financial reasons. All donations to SBF qualify for Income Tax relief in India under Section 80G. For any queries, you may get in touch with the Registrar's Office at registrar-office@iiitb.ac.in with "Donation to Student Benevolent Fund" in the subject line.


Donors from India:

Please click here to make a donation.

Donors from outside India:

Please send an email to Registrar's Office at registrar-office@iiitb.ac.in with "Donation to Student Benevolent Fund" in the subject line and we will share instructions for donation.