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The Machine Intelligence and Robotics Center is envisaged to be a “best-in-class” center of excellence for Machine Intelligence and Robotics. A dedicated research and education institution dedicated to the study of machine intelligence and robotics and its applications in the Indian context is missing. MINRO Center’s broad charter is to carry out high quality research in the area of machine intelligence and robotics, expected to result in path breaking innovations benefitting Karnataka and the country. The innovations will be widely disseminated through its unique 2000 sq ft Open Experience Center having state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Centre’s activities can be divided into three major focus areas: Education, Research, and Government. The center will conduct multidisciplinary research and development activities in important research areas related to machine intelligence, artificial intelligent systems, data analysis, data science, pattern recognition, human-machine interface and industrial products of robotics and automation. The application areas will have the potential to address real world problems of governance and society which traditional systems fail to resolve. The envisaged application directions include, but are not limited to, governance, manufacturing, transportation, assisted living, communications, eLearning, finance, web services among others.

Research Focus

  1. Machine Intelligence
  2. AI Systems
  3. Data analysis & science
  4. Human-machine interface
  5. Pattern Recognition
  6. Industrial Products of Robotics & Automation