A unique interdisciplinary post-graduate programme at the intersection of information technology and social sciences for students from diverse disciplinary background

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With the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) permeating and shaping every sphere of our public and personal experience, we find ourselves in an increasingly digital society. If ICTs have opened up immense possibilities for economic and social change, they also raise many questions.

  1. How transformative will these changes be?
  2. Will they be equitable and sustainable in addition to enhancing efficiency?
  3. Will they amplify existing social divides and create new ones in the process?

Answering these questions calls for better insights into the emerging digital ecosystem. It demands interdisciplinary skills combining an appreciation of technological possibilities along with a nuanced understanding of the economic, political, and socio-cultural context. But, more often than not, well-intentioned technologists and social scientists attempt to answer these questions within the narrow confines of their own disciplines. Consequently, the public, private, and development sectors face a capacity gap in leveraging ICTs for an efficient, equitable and sustainable digital society.

This impels us to ask: Are we prepared to design for a complex digital society? How should we train those designing, developing, deploying, and managing these technologies? Recognizing the socio-economic potential of ICTs, and the increasing need to train professionals in harnessing this potential, IIIT Bangalore has been offering a unique and innovative full-time 2-year Master’s Programme in Digital Society since 2015.

M.Sc. (Digital Society) programme at IIIT Bangalore aims to develop professionals who have an astute understanding of the digital ecosystem. In the Information Age, digital technologies have opened up immense possibilities for economic and social change that is inclusive and sustainable. Designing and deploying digital technologies, analyzing human-computer interaction or big data entail not just technological expertise but also a nuanced understanding of the social, cultural, and economic aspects of the digital society. Students of the programme will gain insights into the design of digital technologies, and the policy challenges of deploying such technologies, with a broad-based training that will draw from computer science, engineering, research methods, management, economics and other social sciences, which will equip them with a rigorous understanding of technologies for development and the development of technologies.

For further details and queries, write to the Coordinator, M.Sc. (Digital Society) at: admission-ds@iiitb.ac.in