Faculty Openings

IIIT-B invites applications for faculty positions, from those with a strong commitment to teaching and inter-disciplinary research, in the following areas (with expertise that includes, but is not limited to):

Information Technology and Society

(information economics, political-economy of the information technology industry, organizational and spatial impacts of information technology, information and communications technologies for development including e-governance and other policy domains, intellectual property, human-computer interaction and design).

Data and Information Engineering

(DBMS, information search and retrieval, data mining and warehousing, enterprise and geographical information systems, multi-agent systems, bio-informatics)

Software Engineering

(programming languages, software architecture, requirements engineering, program analysis, software reliability)

Communications and Networking

(digital and analog communication, wireless access networks, mobile computing, sensor networks, network protocols, multimedia systems, security, industrial informatics).

Embedded Systems and VLSI

(real-time systems, hardware-software co-design, analog and mixed signal VLSI design, digital VLSI design, testability of VLSI chips, electronic design automation).

Computer Science

algorithms and complexity theory, formal methods and logic, cryptography, computer architecture, systems, distributed computing, computational geometry, graphics, gaming, modeling, simulation, visualization, artificial intelligence, robotics, computer vision...