V Band And The Policy Dilemma

Digital Society , Networking | Published on : 11-July-2018

Author: V. Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore This article illustrates the following: 1) Unique properties of this spectrum band 2) Usefulness for telecom and Internet companies 3) Dilemma on whether to license this band or not, which regulators and policymakers have been facing 4) Global best practices  5) A solution for ...Read More

Predicting The Value Of Bitcoin

Networking , Cryptoassets | Published on : 09-March-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore and Shashank Motepalli, IIIT Bangalore The article points out to the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It provides results of our predictive models using Metcalf and Zipf laws, indicates the importance of the underlying technology and its benefits, and stresses the ...Read More

Improving 4G Penetration Through Reliance Jio’s Bundling Strategy

Networking , Internet , 4G | Published on : 08-March-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore This article lays out the taxonomy of bundling, the type of bundling in vogue, how this RJio bundling is different, and what could be the possible regulatory interventions. Read the entire article published in the Financial Express Opinion page on March 8, ...Read More

Apex Body For Spectrum Management A Must

Networking , Telecom | Published on : 05-February-2018

V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore was interviewed on the proposed National Telecom Policy 2018  which got published in Financial Chronicle on February 5, 2018. The interview can be accessed here.  This interview illustrates the need for four areas of attention in the new National Telecom Policy: 1) Creation of an apex ...Read More

Top 5 Areas To Watch Out For In 2018

Networking , ICT | Published on : 03-January-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore This article lists down 5 areas that are going to be prominent in the ICT sector in 2018. Data Protection and Privacy, and Net Neutrality among others will increasingly see more effort and action. Read the entire article published in YourStory on January 3, ...Read More

Net Neutrality

Networking , Internet | Published on : 05-December-2017

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, Centre for IT and Public Policy, IIIT Bangalore  This article presents views on Net Neutrality (NN) and the recent recommendations by TRAI on NN including exemption of Content Providers and Content Delivery Networks. It discusses the recent pronouncement by Ajit Pai, the FCC Chairman on the repeal of ...Read More

Need to Address 'Quality of Service' Issues

5G , Networking , Telecom | Published on : 30-October-2017

Authors: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore along with Udai Mehta and Rohit Singh of CUTS International   The article discusses the importance of Quality of Service (QoS) of broadband access; the measure already taken by the regulator; the concept of “broadband labels” and how they can promote awareness on QoS ...Read More

Deployment of 5G Networks

5G , Networking | Published on : 11-October-2017

Author: Dr. V Sridhar, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore and Prof. Rohit Prasad, MDI Gurgaon In this article, the prerequisites before we get gung-ho about 5G are highlighted, including backhaul capacity, frequency allocation plan, spectrum as collateral, data protection regulation, and competition ...Read More


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