V Band And The Policy Dilemma

Digital Society , Networking | Published on : 11-July-2018

Author: V. Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore This article illustrates the following: 1) Unique properties of this spectrum band 2) Usefulness for telecom and Internet companies 3) Dilemma on whether to license this band or not, which regulators and policymakers have been facing 4) Global best practices  5) A solution for ...Read More

Why Organisations Need To Be Serious About Cybersecurity?

Digital Society | Published By: Admin | 25-May-2017

When it comes to cyber security, one thing is for sure that the security practitioners will face a busy time this year and if 2016 is something to go by then we are just warming up. WannaCry ransomware which hit the world on 12th of May 2017 has already infected over 2,00,000 computers in more than 150 countries and is out on the ...Read More


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