Based out of IIIT Bangalore, IMACX is a Startup Platform focused on creating an innovation & entreprenurial ecosystem that works on the intersection of Technology & Society (aka Digital Social Innovation).

We believe:

  1. Our role is to create "Responsible Citizens of the Future" - develop the right mindset for young innovators / students to engage with the world.
  2. "Technology" can positively impact our local communities & governance - reimagine ways in which social / government organizations can function effectively using technology

We focus on:

  1. Nurturing Social Innovators & Aspiring Entrepreneurs and help them to be Successful
  2. Creating Innovative, Socially-Relevant & Impactful Solutions & Ventures

Currently at IMACX:

We host engaging conversations, uncover worthy social challenges, nurture startups & solutions at our studios, run accelerator programs and make investments. Specifically, we:

  1. Help entrepreneurs & innovators build solutions in specific areas of research & technology focus for IMACX
  2. Cover various aspects of building ventures & solutions: purpose, problem, product development, platform strategy, data science, branding, revenue generation, fund raising & hiring
  3. Execute prototype-stage investments in committed people and innovative & impactful firms
  4. Conduct Demo Days to showcase Creations to Investors
  5. Consult Government / Social organizations on technology deployments
  6. Conduct IMACX RISE / Civic-Tech Summits & associated workshops
  7. Conduct sessions on Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Spirituality, etc.
  8. Conduct Hackathons & Competitions that focus on addressing social challenges
  9. Invite Social Leaders to share their viewpoints
  10. Research on the impact of technology on society

More details available at http://iiitb.org