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Tricha Anjali

Associate Professor & Associate Dean (Continuing Professional Education) Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology)


Research Interests: 

Computer networks and wireless networks, Security Schemes for Wireless Body Sensor Networks, multipath routing schemes and game theoretic approaches

Usha Vyasulu Reddy

Faculty Advisor Ph.D (Pune University)


Uttam Kumar

Assistant Professor, Infosys Foundation Career Development Chair Professor Ph.D (IISc. Bangalore)


Research Interests: 

Data mining / Data science, Applied machine learning, Remote sensing, Digital image processing, Management Information System (MIS), Geographic Information System (GIS), large scale geospatial data analysis and free and open source software

V N Muralidhara

Associate Professor, M.Tech. & S.M.Tech. Programme Coordinator Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)


Research Interests: 

Theory of algorithms and complexity and its applications, Combinatorial optimization, Approximation algorithms, Randomized algorithms, On-line algorithms

V Ramasubramanian

Professor PhD (TIFR Bombay)


Research Interests: 

Speech recognition, speaker recognition, speech coding, speech synthesis, language identification, audio analytics, associative memory, deep learning, machine learning.

V Sridhar

Professor & Faculty-in-charge Library Ph.D. (University of Iowa)


Research Interests: 

Techno-Economics of Networks, Telecommunications/ Internet Policy and Regulation, Radio Spectrum Policy, Distributed Software Project Management, Platform Economics

Valsala Rajan

Adjunct faculty

Vinod Veera Reddy

Assistant Professor PHD (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)


Research Interests: 

Problem solving with Signal processing for diverse applications; Biomedical ultrasound systems; Phased-array radar processing; adaptive array processing; beamforming; Sensor analytics and machine learning.

Updated on December 5, 2016