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Uttam Kumar

Assistant Professor, Warden (Men’s Hostel) & Infosys Foundation Career Development Chair Professor Ph.D (IISc. Bangalore)


Research Interests: 

Data mining / Data science, Applied machine learning, Remote sensing, Digital image processing, Management Information System (MIS), Geographic Information System (GIS), large scale geospatial data analysis and free and open source software

V N Muralidhara

Associate Professor, M.Tech. & S.M.Tech. Programme Coordinator Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)


Research Interests: 

Theory of algorithms and complexity and its applications, Combinatorial optimization, Approximation algorithms, Randomized algorithms, On-line algorithms

V Ramasubramanian

Professor PhD (TIFR Bombay)


Research Interests: 

Speech recognition, speaker recognition, speech coding, speech synthesis, language identification, audio analytics, associative memory, deep learning, machine learning.

V Sridhar

Professor Ph.D. (University of Iowa)


Research Interests: 

Techno-Economics of Networks, Telecommunications/ Internet Policy and Regulation, Radio Spectrum Policy, Distributed Software Project Management, Platform Economics

Valsala Rajan

Adjunct faculty

Vinod Veera Reddy

Assistant Professor PHD (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)


Research Interests: 

Problem solving with Signal processing for diverse applications; Biomedical ultrasound systems; Phased-array radar processing; adaptive array processing; beamforming; Sensor analytics and machine learning.

Updated on December 5, 2016