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Jayprakash T Lalchandani

Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)


Research Interests: 

Program and model analysis, Domain specific modeling, Global software development and architecture building of large scale systems using ICTs

Jyotsna Bapat

Professor & Dean (Faculty) Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University)


Research Interests: 

Wireless communication systems, Opportunistic communication, Cognitive Radios and communication for Internet of Thing, she is interested in semi-blind identification as applied to OFDM systems

K K Subramaniam

Adjunct faculty M.Tech in computer scienc from IIT Bombay


Research Interests: 

Open source kernels, embedded systems, virtual machines, object-based computing, computing in primary education.

K V Dinesha

Professor Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Information Technology Bombay)


Research Interests: 

Software Engineering, Quality Systems (ISO and SEI CMM Models), Cryptography, Object Technology and Data Structures, Developing Scientific and Commercial Software

Madhav Rao

Associate Professor, iM.Tech Coordinator and Faculty in-charge-Labs Ph.D. (University of Alabama)


Research Interests: 

Assistive devices, Low Power VLSI circuits, Magnetic logic systems, 3D Interconnects

Manish Gupta

Infosys Foundation Chair Professor Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)


Research Interests: 

Technologies for learning, machine learning, program analysis, high performance computing.

Manisha Kulkarni

Associate Professor & M.S. Ph.D. Programme Coordinator Ph.D. (The Institute of Mathematical Sciences)


Research Interests: 

Diophantine equations, Elliptic Curves, Galois groups and Class groups, Number Theory and Galois Module Structure problems in Algebraic Number Theory

Meenakshi D'Souza

Associate Professor & Warden (Women's Hostel) Ph.D. (Institute of Mathematical Sciences)


Research Interests: 

Formal Methods, Model Based Development, Automata Theory, Software Testing, Research and Technology Strategy and Safety-critical Systems

Mohan Ram C

Adjunct faculty M-Tech from IIT-Roorkee


Nanditha Rao

Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay)


Research Interests: 

Radiation-hardened/Fault tolerant circuit design, Computer architecture - cache compression, processor security, branch predictors

Updated on December 5, 2016