IIITB’s 20th foundation day: A fun-filled event
Sep 15, 2019

Violin recital, dance performance, quiz contest, traditional Indonesian tango- all this and much more was part of IIITB’s foundation day celebration held on September 15. In the event showcasing culture and tradition in full swing, students, faculty, parents, alumni and staff, all came together at the institute’s campus in Electronic city to celebrate its 20th birth anniversary.

On the occasion, professor S Sadagopan, director IIITB, spoke at length about IIITB’s achievements and efforts towards attaining its goal of becoming a world-class educational institution.

“Exactly 20 years back, 136 students along with a handful of faculty and staff came together to start this beautiful journey. Professor Kenneth Keniston of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was with us for a brief time and always stressed upon importance of certain activities that a novice institute has to take up in order to keep striving for a better tomorrow. Following his suggestions, we started multiple on-campus lectures, ensured international outlook, alum connect and a jam-packed even calendar round the year,” said professor Sadagopan.

The celebration that coincided with Engineer’s day, also witnessed fair attendance by notable alumni. “Today, after 20 years, IIITB can boast of an all-round performance. The institute has been involved in several social activities and a lot of social work is happening on the campus. However, the need of the hour is to improve on connection with alumni. Every alum/alumnae should pick up one event that he/she should attend every year without fail,” said Hemachandra Rao Vatturi, a IIITB alum.

As part of the celebration, a coffee table book was launched too. The book is a compilation of pictures and comments by alumni, board members and faculty, expressing what the institute means to them. “As you will browse through the pages, you will understand how IIITB has evolved over time to become what it is today. It is a tribute to all the hard work put in together by all stakeholders,” said professor Sadagopan.

The event platform was also used to launch the institute’s new website. The website, to go online soon, will feature informative news and updates about how IIITB is pushing the boundaries of teaching through innovative delivery methods and unique learning experience. The website will also offer a rich array of information on various courses and events happening on the campus.