InDIITA 2019
Jul 18 - Jul 19, 2019

Need for standards in rural connectivity, importance of sustainability of connectivity, privacy vs economic efficiency in digital ID projects, impact of AI on cyber security, data protection and identity management – these were some of the topics discussed at the second InDIITA open space tech workshop held on IIITB campus on July 18 and 19.

Organized by IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), the workshop addressed the following issues.

· Securing affordable accessibility for disconnected communities within India

· Building a trust framework for protecting the digital persona

· Enabling the digital citizen’s right to manage who, when, what and how they want to transact with other entities.

An annual event, InDIITA workshops are organized to evaluate ideas, and design and build systems that provide affordable accessibility or empower individuals to manage their identity. The second chapter of the workshop witnessed discussions held on some of the important aspects of tech community in today’s time.

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Blockchain Identity, Biometrics, individual empowerment, verified domain names, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), Aadhar and non-adhar identity systems, AI technology vs identity privacy and standard for legal identities on net and Blockchain were some of the issues discussed at the two-day event.