IIITB’s Summer School is here again!
Jun 28, 2019

IIITB is back with the second edition of its annual summer school. ‘Summer School 2019’ will focus on algorithmic and theoretical aspects of machine learning. Lectures will include the background material needed to understand machine learning topics to be covered under the programme. The duration of summer school this year will be three weeks and is targeted at pre-final year undergraduate or master’s students, along with a handful of Ph.D. or students in other years. The school will be held from June 10, 2019 to June 28, 2019.

“Last year, the programmt was organized for one week. However, looking at the popularity, this year the duration has been increased to three weeks. The programme will focus on theoretical and algorithmic aspects of machine learning. We are not looking at applied aspects as IIITB already has certificate programmes focusing on that,” said Dr. Srinivas Vivek, assistant professor and summer school programme coordinator, IIITB.

“The programme will help students in taking up higher studies and in considering research as an option. The deep technical knowledge can land them a job too. Moreover, the things that will be taught in summer school programs are not covered in undergrad courses,” informed Dr. Srinivas.

Pre-requisites to participate in this workshop were basics of Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra and Probability.