Bangalore on IT-A Public Lecture Series
Jan 18, 2019

IIIT Bangalore launched "Bangalore on IT", a public lecture series on January 18, 2019. This lecture series is an initiative by the Branding Committee of 2018 who believe that informed and up-to-date students and researchers can bring about greater technological change through the dissemination of information via these lectures given by leading scholars and thinkers on all topics related to IT.

The inaugural lecture was given by Dr. Marianne Schmid Mast, full professor of Organizational Behavior at HEC at the University of Lausanne. She is a former member of the Swiss National Research Council and acted as president of the Swiss Psychological Society. She is a Society of Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) fellow and an American Psychological Association (APA), Division 8 fellow, honored for her extraordinary, distinctive, and longstanding contributions to the science of personality and social psychology. In 2018, she was named one of the 50 most influential living psychologists.

Dr. Mast’s research addresses how individuals in power hierarchies interact, perceive, and communicate (verbally and nonverbally), how first impressions affect interpersonal interactions and evaluations, how people form accurate impressions of others, and how physician communication affects patient outcomes. She uses virtual reality (VR) to study how people interact with others at work, in settings such as the job interview, when providing performance feedback, or in public speaking situations. Through her lecture, she demonstrated how the advantages of VR is used to answer specific research questions and discussed how interactions with virtual humans can be used for the training of interpersonal skills such as public speaking, self-presentation, and empathy. Her lecture was followed by a virtual reality demo, where the attendees were able to experience first hand some of the scenarios she uses for training.

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