Inauguration of Open Source Technology Lab
Apr 05, 2018

Open Source Technology Lab was inaugurated by Prof S Sadagopan, Director, IIIT Bangalore on 5th April 2018. More than 30 participants attended the function, including faculty members, students and members from the Innovation Center.
Prof. B Thangaraju started the inauguration with the welcome address. The Director launched the OSTL website and emphasized on the necessity of open source initiative in IIIT Bangalore. Prof. Thangaraju presented the OSTL strategic plan. The main points of the strategic plan covered the purpose, focus and key objectives of the OSTL, set up the OSTL committee in various domain, presented details on the ways of contributing to the existing open source projects, described platform to create new projects and listed various open source forums where one can publish their OSS work.
There were two open source projects demonstrated by fourth-year iMTech students: A. Shayaan on, “IIIT Bangalore Private Cloud Setup using OpenStack” and Rajula Vineet on, “Achieve High Availability with Container Cluster”.