Mar 31, 2018

The first edition of TEDxIIITBangalore was held on March 31, 2018 at IIIT Bangalore. The theme for the independently organized event, licensed by TED, was Demystify. The event had a captivating line-up of speakers, with talks ranging from cyber forensics and cloud computing, to fashion to branding. The tone for the event was set by the warm welcome extended by Prof. Srinath Srinivasa, Dean (R&D), IIIT Bangalore.

The event began with Chirag Gandhi, an alumnus of IIT Bombay establishing a link between chess and business strategies in an exquisite manner. In stark contrast to this technical content, Jhansi Munukoti’s talk on Smart Art and democratization of creativity left the audience enthralled in the world of art. The buzzword of cryptocurrency and the fascinations of cyber forensics were demystified to the rapt audience by Ajeet Khurana (Head, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee, India) and Sebastian Edassery (Director and CSO for Deloitte India) respectively. Oyindrila Ray Ghosh, Celebrity and Fashion Stylist demystified the fashion world through her talk. Vidhya Y, an alumna of IIIT Bangalore talked of her journey till Vision Empower, her start-up that aims to provide accessible solutions to the visually impaired. In an attempt to break the conventional notions of branding and enable the individual to contribute to true branding in some form, Saurabh Uboweja (International Brand Expert and Founder CEO of Brands of Desire) presented an insightful talk that resonated with every member in the audience. Of course, the job of motivating youth to engage actively with politics was borne by Sudhanshu Kaushik (Young India Foundation), who talked about the socio-political effect that social media has on India.