Hack for Smarter Cities hackathon was held during April 22-23
Apr 22 - Apr 23, 2017

 "Hack for Smarter Cities" hackathon was held during April 22-23, 2017 at IIIT-B in partnership with eGovernment Foundation - the organization credited with transforming governance through technology in various states. Almost 125 hackers (25 teams) were participated, among them 17 teams (9 external, 8 IIIT-B) were qualified for presenting their ideas to the panel of judges including: 

* Mr. Srikanth Nadhamuni and Mr. Viraj (CEO, eGov)
* Prof. Amit Prakash, IIIT-B
* Prof. Ramesh Sudararaman, IIIT-B

Based on a detailed review of their code and the presentation made to the judges, the top 5 teams were selected. 4 of the top 5 teams happened to be IIIT-B, with the 1st prize of Rs. 25,000 going to iMTech (2nd year) team.