The institute facilitates the Placement process each year for the benefit of its students. The Placement process covers both internship and full time employment (FTE). Since the founding of the Institute in 1999, IIITB has enjoyed 100% placement each year, on account of the strong support of the IT Industry and the growing base of talented alumni.

The placement season, for both internship and FTE, usually opens in August / September, where the companies and the institute get in touch and eventually schedule a date for placements in the coming months.



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Summary of Programmes

Program Duration Approx # of students Internship period Full time employment
M.Tech 2 years 140 6 months (Dec – Jun) From July
Integrated 5 years 50 2.5 months (May-Jul)- summer internship not continued to FTE From July (after final semester)
M.Tech (ESD) 2 years 30 6 months (Dec-Jun) From July
M.Sc Digital Society 2 years 20 6 months (Dec-Jun) From July

Placement Team

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Placement Schedule

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