IIIT Bangalore is a premier institute focused on Post-Graduate IT and Electronics education and research, located in the heart of Electronic City, Bangalore. The institute facilitates the placement process each year for the benefit of its students. The Placement process covers both internship and full-time employment (FTE).  Since the founding of the Institute in 1999, IIIT Bangalore has enjoyed 100% placement each year, on account of the strong support of the Industry and the growing base of talented alumni.
The placement season, for both internship and FTE, usually opens in August / September, where the companies and the institute get in touch and eventually schedule a date for placements in the coming months.

Our specially designed courses make the students cognitive of the current technologies and practices, thereby equipping them with the tools and knowledge to solve contemporary real problems. Mentioned below are the programs offered:

2 Years M.Tech Programme with specializations in following areas:
The M.Tech Programme in Information Technology (IT) is awarded upon successful completion of a 4-semester broad-based academic program in IT, while incorporating essential elements of traditional computer science. The M.Tech IT offers the following specializations.

  1. Computer Science
  2. Data Sciences
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Networking and Communication

The M.Tech Programme in Electronic System Design is designed to address the development of highly skilled manpower in Chip Design and Embedded System Design needed to support electronics system design and manufacturing in our country. The specializations are as follows.

  1. Embedded System
  2. System on Chip (SoC)

The focus areas of System on Chip specialization includes Digital & Analog VLSI Design, Functional Verification of SoCs and Design for Testability (DFT). The Embedded Systems specialization focuses on Real Time Systems, Inter Device Communication, Device Drivers, Firmware and ARM Architecture.

5 Years Integrated M.Tech. Programme:
The iMtech Program is a 5 year intensive program that makes students adept in handling the real time challenges faced by the industry. Building from the ground up, the students are first made proficient in the foundations of engineering and technology. Consequently, they are introduced to the different core branches of Computer Science and Electronics & Communications that help the students to get a holistic view of the domain and thereby allows them to decide on their Specialization.
The specializations are in the following areas:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Data Science
  3. Electronics & Communication
  4. Networking & Communication

2 Years M.Sc. in Digital society:
This programme aims to create a group of professional experts/researchers with a nuanced and multidimensional understanding of today’s Information Age. Students gain insights into the design of digital technologies, and the policy challenges of deploying such technologies, with a broad-based training that draws from computer science, engineering, research methods, management, economics and other social sciences.
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If you would like to visit us for internships or placements, please contact the IIIT Bangalore Placement Team

Programmes' Timeline

Program Duration Approx # of students Internship period Full time employment

(Information Technology)

2 years 150

6 months (Dec – June)
4th Semester

From July

Integrated M.tech
(IT and ECE)

5 years 60

6 months (Dec – Jun)
10th Semester

From July

(Electronics System Design)

2 years 30 6 months (Dec-Jun)
4th Semester
From July
M.Sc Digital Society 2 years 20 6 months (Dec-Jun)
4th Semester
From July

Master of Science by Research

3-5years 35 Depends on the stage of Research After Submission of Thesis

Doctor of Philosophy

5-7 years 72 Depends on the stage of Research After Submission of Thesis