Why Organisations Need To Be Serious About Cybersecurity?

When it comes to cyber security, one thing is for sure that the security practitioners will face a busy time this year and if 2016 is something to go by then we are just warming up. WannaCry ransomware which hit the world on 12th of May 2017 has already infected over 2,00,000 computers in more than 150 countries and is out on the prowl with no solution still in sight. It is by far the worst attack for quite some time and the security practitioners believe that the worst is still to come. In such a vulnerable environment when US elections are also not secure, the importance of cybersecurity increases manyfold and necessitates a proactive approach rather than a compliance mindset.

A lot is at stake in today's digital world, as governments, military, corporations, financial institutions, and other businesses collect, process and store a great deal of confidential information on computers and share that data across networks. With the growing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks, as brought to light by the WannaCry ransomware, an updated and ongoing attention is the need of the hour to protect sensitive business and personal information, as well as safeguard national security. According to a survey by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), 62 percent of government officials use their private email id for communication and 87 percent senior managers store their confidential data in the cloud, thus increasing vulnerability against a cyber attack. In this age of cloud and IoT, organizations need to be extra careful and ready to go that extra mile in designing their disaster recovery models and must be prepared for any eventuality.

The needs of organizations are different and it requires well-trained insiders to understand the cybersecurity needs of that particular organization and thwart away any threat. But there's a definite imbalance in this arena and in India the issue is much more pronounced. Also, most of the tools available today for prevention, surveillance, and fixing of breaches are imported. Many of these tools send encrypted data to the servers in parent country / organization. This itself is a major vulnerability for a country like India aiming for double digit growth.

So, the need of the hour is to have a structured course that would cater to all these needs and prepare individuals to thwart away any misfortune or calamity. IIIT-B is perfectly placed to play the role of an 'enabler' and help enterprises to remain firm and take care of any such attack. It has the credibility, reach and strength to conduct such programmes, which are acceptable to all Govt. departments, PSUs, and, Industry etc. Center for Cybersecurity Education & Research (CCSER's) IT Security Essentials Course is one such step in the right direction. IIIT-B has been a key contributor in preparing the report for MHA about national IT security and it is this experience that makes it well aware of the facts surrounding cybersecurity for governments and enterprises. 

Objectives of the IIIT-B CCSER

Through CCSER, IIIT-B is trying to achieve the following objectives

  • Improve awareness about cybersecurity and cyber forensics and have a robust deterrent in place by way of trained professionals and methodologies.
  • Providing training to IT professionals from various enterprises and making them well-equipped to face any threat and minimize the damage.
  • Providing training to military and MHA officials on topics related to homeland security and infrastructure needs.
  • Coordinate interdisciplinary academic programmes related to cybersecurity.
  • Expand the core group of professionals trained in cybersecurity and make them ready for any kind of eventuality.
  • Serve as a development center for cybersecurity academic programs, research and training.

ITSEC (IT Security Essentials Course)

The ITSEC course offered by IIIT-B is timely. It covers all the basic aspects of cybersecurity and offers tools to be ready for any type of cyber threat. The Information Technology Security Essentials Course provides the perfect training ground for security personnel and professionals.

The ITSEC equips you with all the knowledge and skills required to take care of any security threat and breach. It helps you:

  • To develop effective security metrics to take care of any unwanted incursion or breach.
  • Imparts practical knowledge to focus on high priority risks and help your organization take care of any adversity.
  • Accustom to the latest developments in the area of cybersecurity and develop a security program that is based on the basics of 'Prevent, Detect, and Respond'.
  • Devise a roadmap for tomorrow that would take care of all your future needs.

With a rich heritage in IT research, illustrious faculty and, state-of-the-art research facilities, IIIT-B is the ideal place for any course related to cybersecurity. With threats of cyber attacks looming large, it really is the need of the hour for enterprises and the nation as well. Making yourself immune against attacks is going to be an ongoing challenge and one size fits all can't be the approach. Organizations need to analyze everything before spending a single dollar on IT security and this course provides you the ideal know-how and expertise to deal with any such calamity.

Duration: (96 hours including Boot-camp style training).
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