Solace in writing

What makes you go forth to your death, when you don’t want to die? … Why not just turn and walk away, leave your destiny unclaimed, who would know or miss you here, all critics dead and maimed? … To us, life is but a game, to play with every breath, and the prize that we are all fighting for, is but an epitaph in death. – Reijul Sachdev.

The above excerpts are from Emerald Blades, an award-winning collection of poems by an award winning IIITBian, Reijul Sachdev. Emerald Blades is one among the eight books selected in ‘Write Publish Publicize’ contest held by the Bengaluru Poetry Festival and Artkhoj. The book will be featured at the upcoming Bengaluru Poetry Festival on July 20 and July 21.

“It was a national-level competition open to all and I was not expecting to be in top eight,” says an ecstatic Reijul, who penned-down Emerald Blades out of his desire to express himself. Suffering from Schizophrenia since his college days, the IIITBian says that the title of the book symbolizes life. “Emerald blade leaves can be sharp and double-edged, similar to life. This book is about such duality. It is about good and evil of life, based on my experiences,” says Reijul.

Reijul discovered the poet inside him while on IIITB campus and continued to write through his illness. “I got into writing just before I fell ill in the second year of iMTech and continued even after I took a break from studies. Writing helped me during difficult days. It was a major outlet and I fell in love with it, so much so, that it has become part and parcel of my life. Currently, I am working on a closed novel which is based on life on an IT campus. It is like a caricature and loosely based on college life,” says Reijul.

Through his writing, Reijul wants to reach out to and help as many people as possible. “Writing is my passion and I want to help as many people as I can. A lot of readers have come to me and told me that they find my writing therapeutic,” says the 27-year-old, who is also an avid debater and has won many debates, including TIMES NOW’s ‘I Lead India’ televised debate.