IIITB Summer School: Machine Learning decoded

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The second edition of IIITB summer school turned out to be a ‘buzzword breakdown’ affair for many participants. For most of them, Machine Learning (ML) is no more a black-box they cannot see through. The three-week long programme decoded the application and helped students understand the nuances behind the vernacular.

According to Hridyansh Sahu, a Computer Science student from NIT Bhopal, the programme was nothing short of a deep insight into ML algorithms. “I have been trying to grasp the concept of ML through library books at my institution, but it always appeared like a black-box I could not see through. The summer school made me realize that ML is no magic trick but the right application and usage of mathematical concepts. I did not know that ML can be this easy,” said Hridyansh.

Many participants attended the programme to get a head-start with their main curriculum and programme met their expectation. “ML is part of my curriculum in the upcoming semester. I wanted to have basic concepts cleared and take a crack at ML before it appears in my course book. I am all set to take it head-on,” said Vemuru Srihari, a third-year IMtech student at IIITB. 

While most of them walked out content, some sprung on feedbacks. “I took up the course out of my interest in ML. While I got a lot of understanding on ML algorithms and mathematical concepts, I feel the tutorials should have been more hands-on rather than theoretical,” said Sweta Shinde, a Computer Science student from MIT, Pune.

Agreed Mugdha Joglekar, an IT student from MIT Pune. “While we learnt a lot about ML and other concepts around it, it was more theoretical. I was looking for more on implementation of ML,” said Mugdha.

‘Summer School 2019’, which was held between June 10, 2019, and June 28, 2019, focused on algorithmic and theoretical aspects of ML. The duration of summer school this year was three weeks and was targeted at pre-final year undergraduate or master’s students. The programme was sponsored by ACM India and co-sponsored by Microsoft and Mphasis Foundation.

The programme will soon be available as a course on the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning’s (NPTEL) online repository.