IIITB at NRCeS Users’ Meet - Summer 2019

The National Resource Center for EHR standards (NRCeS), India and Center for Development of Advance Computing (CDAC), India organized ‘Users Meet - Summer 2019’ to share experiences about implementation and adoption of E-Health Records (EHR) standards, practical challenges, solutions, best practices and future approaches from across the country. The one-day event was attended by professionals and stakeholders working in the field of e health research. With EHR being one of the focus research areas at IIITB, the meet was attended by Divya Raj, Head of Programmes in the E-Health Research Centre (EHRC) of IIITB.

IIITB presentation covered a background of mental healthcare in India, the Mental Healthcare Act 2017 and its key implications, functional overview of the Karnataka Mental Health Management System Program and its salient technical features covering open EHR, standards, security, privacy and integrations. 

“My talk was on the digital platform we are building for Karnataka Mental Health Management System, seemingly the first of its kind in India. The presentation also gave an overview of other interesting projects being at E-Health Research Center of IIIT Bangalore. It was great to see nice work done by several others in this space and the steady momentum building up in the country w.r.t. Electronic Health Records,” said Divya.

An annual event, the meet is held to collate the analysis and observations made by the participants and present it to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW).