How Digitisation Can Drive Growth In India

| Published on : 18-June-2018

Author: V. Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore This article cites recent studies including mine on the impact of digital flows on economic development; why digital flows are important apart from infrastructure stock variables; and implications for policy including tech education, data protection, intellectual property rights, and ...Read More

EU GDPR - Effect On The Internet

Internet , GDPR | Published on : 28-May-2018

Author: V. Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore The article discusses the effect of EU GDPR on the Internet domain name system and the associated WHOIS service. It juxtaposes Honorable Supreme Court’s privacy judgment and EU GDPR, and foresees how Indian Data Protection law shall be formulated. Read the entire article published ...Read More

Artificial Intelligence for all

Artificial Intelligence for all | Published on : 16-May-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore The article discusses the acceleration of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in furthering United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sample cases are used to highlight the role of AI in telecom and related technologies. Read the entire article published in Financial ...Read More

Transparency in Telecom Services

Telecom , 4G | Published on : 08-May-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore and Rohit Singh, CUTS International  The article highlights the following: The poor broadband Quality of Service (QoS) experienced by mobile broadband users The possible reasons for the same including lack of appropriate information disclosure by the mobile operators The need ...Read More

What Facebook Leakage Means

Digital India , Social Media | Published on : 09-April-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore The article discusses the basics of two-sided and multi-sided markets, the money and subsidy sides of digital platforms such as Facebook, and how these platforms monetize ad money by selling user information to third parties. Finally, it predicts what these digital platforms might do and ...Read More

Regulating New-age Tech Firms

Digital India , Telecom | Published on : 04-April-2018

Author: V Sridhar and TK Srikanth, Professors, IIIT Bangalore This articles highlights the history of regulation from the automobile industry to telecommunications in the US, extends the regulatory evolution for today's tech companies, indicates how these tech marketplaces are different from auto/telecom, and prescribes the way ...Read More

Predicting The Value Of Bitcoin

Networking , Cryptoassets | Published on : 09-March-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore and Shashank Motepalli, IIIT Bangalore The article points out to the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It provides results of our predictive models using Metcalf and Zipf laws, indicates the importance of the underlying technology and its benefits, and stresses the ...Read More

Improving 4G Penetration Through Reliance Jio’s Bundling Strategy

Networking , Internet , 4G | Published on : 08-March-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore This article lays out the taxonomy of bundling, the type of bundling in vogue, how this RJio bundling is different, and what could be the possible regulatory interventions. Read the entire article published in the Financial Express Opinion page on March 8, ...Read More

Google Needs To Act Responsibly And Transparently

Search , CCI | Published on : 15-February-2018

Author: V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore The invited opinion article discusses the CCI order focusing on  (i) the multi-sided nature of Google search,  (ii) the vertical commercial search comparison sites operated by Google that seem to get prominence in the organic search result page of Google search, and  (iii) ...Read More

Apex Body For Spectrum Management A Must

Networking , Telecom | Published on : 05-February-2018

V Sridhar, Professor, IIIT Bangalore was interviewed on the proposed National Telecom Policy 2018  which got published in Financial Chronicle on February 5, 2018. The interview can be accessed here.  This interview illustrates the need for four areas of attention in the new National Telecom Policy: 1) Creation of an apex ...Read More


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