Alumni Speak

Abhinav Garg

I am Abhinav, I did my B.Tech. from U.P.Tech. Univ. Lucknow. I was keen to pursue higher education, so, I took up the M.Tech. Program at IIIT-Bangalore. Here, I had lot of learning opportunity, exposure to cutting edge technologies and live projects. During the last semester, I did my internship at ABB Research, where I decided to take up permanent employment.

I believe that IIIT-B has been instrumental in building up my career. For further related queries, contact me at

P Natrajan

Today, I am an Enterprise Solution Architect taking care of large scale Data Migration, and solutioning the Client's requirements. After working in Insurance industry for a decade, I joined iiit-b. In a way, I feel that is the boldest decision I have taken so far in my life. The rigours of M.Tech program and the wisdom of the renowned Professors in iiit-b provided me the platform to combine my experience with knowledge which is why I hold a managerial position in HP India within 2 years of my comeback to the industry. I gratefully acknowledge the role of iiit-b in my life. I will emphasise that iiit-b is an institution not only for the fresh graduates for higher learning but also for the people with experience in various domains and looking for a career shift into IT.

You can contact me at or 91 98204 36637

Prabhakant Shukla

My name is Prabhakant Shukla, working in EMC square and part of the Documentum development team. I have special interest in design patterns, web technologies and java related stuff (SOA, AJAX and other new ones).

I am very attached with IIITB and I believe IIITB has given me a new life and it will continue to do so to other students as well. The things that make IIITB distinct is it's culture that binds us as a family and everyone is so friendly that it never felt like we are far from our homes; at the same time the whole environment is highly competitive. I feel that this college is the dark horse in Indian education and people will realize this in the coming years. It has given me everything that I wanted. You can reach me at

J Vasudev

I will always be grateful to IIITB, my alma mater, for teaching me to acknowledge the various branches of information and communication technologies studies and helping me break free of the traditional notion that life for us, information technologists, is just about coding. It has given me immense opportunities to engage in quality research, shaped my perspectives on ICTs, taught me to understand and respect the work of fellow-researchers, and importantly, even relish those odd low moments that accompany graduate life! Be it for an industrial career or the pursuit of doctoral studies at the best schools, the institute with its amazing faculty has always shown me the way, patiently

I am currently a research engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology, Bangalore. You can reach me at


My name is Divyaratna, please feel free to call me Div. I'm a consultant at Microsoft (India). My area of specialization here is Microsoft Mediaroom. This is an IPTV platform that delivers digital television and interactive personalized digital content services to homes.

I believe that IIITB occupies a distinctive space in the realm of institutions of higher education. This institution offers a highly fertile ground for the unparalleled growth of next generation of professionals. It not only provides the best in Master's level education but also offers the finest in networking opportunities that help hone a student's multi-faceted personality and opens vistas to immense future potential. The most important takeaway I have from this institution is a realization of my abilities - IIITB has a way to get the best out of a student. The most valuable lesson I have from my stay at IIITB is that I learnt how to learn.

IIITB enabled my internship and subsequent employment at Intel (Bangalore). I leveraged my experiences at this institution to part-time run a company with my father for over two years. And now I'm working in Microsoft (Hyderabad). I owe my professional growth to IIITB.

I'll be glad to help you with your queries at


I am Mrinal, working as senior technical member with server technology division of Oracle Corporation. I consider PG course at IIITB as the turning point of my career.

World-class infrastructure, highly rated research oriented faculty and quality market driven computer science education in the heart of India's silicon valley are the conspicuous differentiating points in favor of IIITB.

You can contact me at or 91 80 4108 6233