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Programmes' Timeline for Graduates

Program Duration Approx. # of students Internship period Full time employment availability
M.Tech (CSE and ECE) 2 years 180 6 months (mid Dec – mid June) 4th Semester From July
Integrated M.Tech (CSE and ECE) 5 years 65 6 months (mid Dec – mid June) 10th Semester From July
M.Sc in Digital Society 2 years 20 6 months mid Dec – mid June) 4th Semester From July
Master of Science by Research 3-5years 55 Depends on the stage of Research After Submission of Thesis
Doctor of Philosophy 5-7 years 85 Depends on the stage of Research After Submission of Thesis


Programmes' Timeline for Summer Internship

Program Duration Approx. # of students Internship period Full time employment availability
M.Tech (CSE and ECE) 2 years 180 2 months (mid May to mid July) (after 2nd Semester) Based on PPO
Integrated M.Tech (CSE and ECE) 5 years 65 2 months (mid May to mid July) (after 6th Semester and 8th Semester) Based on PPO - only for students who do internship after the 8th semester
M.Sc in Digital Society 2 years 20 2 months (mid May to mid July) (after 2nd Semester) Based on PPO


IIIT Bangalore is a premier institute focused on Post-Graduate Computer Science and Electronics education and research, located in the heart of Electronic City, Bangalore. The institute facilitates the placement process each year for the benefit of its students. The Placement process covers summer internships for pre-final year students (would graduate in 2022 and 2023) as well as internship and full-time employment (FTE) for final year students (would graduate in 2021). Several students who pursue summer internships are offered full time jobs by their respective companies (2022 Graduates).

Since the founding of the Institute in 1999, IIIT Bangalore has enjoyed excellent placements every year, on account of the strong support of the Industry and the growing base of talented alumni.

The final placement season, for both internship and FTE, usually opens in August, where the companies and the institute get in touch and eventually schedule a date for placements in the coming months. Companies carry out rigorous placement drives following which the selected students get 6 months internship offers (mid December to mid June) and/or full time job offers (from the 2nd week of July).

Our specially designed courses make the students cognitive of the current technologies and practices, thereby equipping them with the tools and knowledge to solve contemporary real problems. Mentioned below are the programs offered:

2 Years M.Tech Programme with specializations in the following areas:

The M.Tech in Computer Science (CSE) is awarded upon successful completion of a 4-semester broad-based academic program in CSE, a program which incorporates essential elements of traditional computer science and addresses concepts that enable students to be ready for working on the newest of technologies. The M.Tech in CSE offers the following specializations.

  1. Theory and Systems
  2. Data Science
  3. Networking and Communication
  4. Signal Processing and Pattern recognition

The M.Tech in Electronics and Communication (ECE) is designed to address the development of highly skilled manpower primarily in VLSI systems design and Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition, which is needed to support electronics system design and manufacturing in our country. The specializations are as follows.

  1. VLSI Systems
  2. Networking and Communication
  3. Signal Processing  and Pattern Recognition (SPPR)

The focus areas of the VLSI specialization includes Digital & Analog VLSI Design, Functional Verification of SoCs and Design for Testability (DFT), Internet of Things, Real Time Systems, Inter Device Communication, Device Driver Development, Firmware and ARM Architecture. The SPPR specialization focuses on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing and Automatic Speech Recognition. Other topics covered in Mtech ECE include High Level Synthesis, Advanced Analog Design and ASIC flow.

5 Years Integrated M.Tech. (iMtech) Programme:

The iMtech Program is a 5 year intensive program that makes students adept in handling the real time challenges faced by the industry. Building from the ground up, the students are first made proficient in the foundations of engineering and technology. Consequently, they are introduced to the different core branches of Computer Science (CSE) and Electronics & Communications (ECE) that help the students to get a holistic view of the domain and thereby allows them to decide on their Specialization. When the students graduate, they receive 2 degrees (B.Tech (CSE/ECE) and M.Tech (Specialization))

The specializations are in the following areas:

  1. Theoretical Computer Science
  2. Data Science
  3. Networking & Communication
  4. Software Engineering
  5. Microelectronics and VLSI Systems
  6. Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition

2 Years M.Sc. in Digital society Programme:

This programme aims to create a group of professional experts/researchers with a nuanced and multidimensional understanding of today’s Information Age. Students gain insights into the design of digital technologies, and the policy challenges of deploying such technologies, with a broad-based training that draws from computer science, engineering, research methods, management, economics and other social sciences.

Mentioned below is the link to our placement brochure that contains more information about the courses, labs and student profiles:



The IIIT Bangalore curriculum states, in the final semester (Mid December – Mid June), students must complete their 20 credits, in one of the following modes:​

  1. ​As a Full-Time intern, working on a challenging project in their area of interest, with an organization/Company.​
  2. Carrying out a Thesis on a research topic under the supervision of a faculty member at IIIT Bangalore.​
  3. A research project / thesis / internship at a partner university under one of our exchange programs.
  4. Create a startup under the mentorship of  IIIT Bangalore Innovation Center

The institute will collect midterm feedback around March to understand the progress of the students and help them improve where needed. It is also needed for grading them. At the end of the internship / thesis / exchange programme / start up - students have to submit a report and completion certificate. This is needed for them to successfully complete their degree.

Recruiting companies participating in the Placement Drive at IIIT Bangalore typically offer the students, the following options:​

  • 6 - Months Internship + Full Time Employment  ​(I+F)
  • 6 - Months Internship​ (I)
  • Full Time Employment​ (F)


Placement Process:

  • Recruiters fill the Recruitment form and send it to the Placement Office. (Specifying : Timeline, tentative dates, JD's, Eligibility Criteria, Compensation packages, Job Type(I+F, I, F))​​
  • IIITB Placement office will coordinate with Company representative to confirm the schedule for Placement drive and a Student Volunteer will be assigned to make the placement process smooth.​
  • After participation confirmation, students apply for the profiles offered, submitting their CV in the placement portal.​ Student details and CVs are sent to the recruiter well before the scheduled dates for the selection process.​
  • Companies conduct a pre-placement talk along with a Q&A session for the students before the placement drive, providing an opportunity for the students and the organization to understand each other better.​
  • Considering the situation at hand, the placement cycle at IIIT Bangalore for 2021 Graduates will be carried out in  Virtual Mode (the platform will be provided by the recruiting organization).
  • The companies are requested to maintain a waitlist of students, if they go back on the promised Job offers(I+F). In the case where a company offers an internship(I) to students who applied for an internship + Full time offer(I+F), the students have an option to defer the offer within a stipulated time frame. We request companies to provide the opportunity to the students on the waitlist. ​
  • In the situation where the drive takes place over more than 2 days, we expect the recruiter to maintain a waitlist of students apart from the final list of selected students. This is in accordance with the institute placement policy of “one student, one job offer”


Direct all queries regarding software to be downloaded for PPT/ test /interview at least 72 hours prior to the commencement of the placement process.


We believe that you will find suitable resources from our multifaceted talent pool. Please write to iiitb_placement@iiitb.ac.in in case of any queries.