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Chandrashekar Ramanathan

Professor & Dean (Academics)



  • Ph.D. (Mississippi State University)

Professor Chandrashekar Ramanathan is a faculty member at IIIT-B since 2007. His primary focus area is software engineering, application development and databases. Professor Chandrashekar received his Ph.D degree from Mississippi State University. His thesis was in the area of object-oriented databases. He has extensive application software development experience spanning over 10 years in large multinational organizations. His current focus is in the area of semi-structured databases and software engineering. Application architectures, enterprise content management and knowledge management are his other areas of interest.​

Research Interests

  • Data Sciences, Software Architecture and Technology for Education, Semi-structured Databases, Software Engineering, Enterprise Content Management and Knowledge Management

Selected Publications

Yogalakshmi Jaybal, C Ramanathan, S Rajagopalan, HDSanalytics: a data analytics framework for heterogeneous data sources, Proceedings of the ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data, 2018


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Nine international publications internal to Hewlett Packard on various topics: Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, Document Processing, Digital Pen applications, Knowledge Management, Database Strategies.


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