Young Innovators Award
Nov 14 - Nov 15, 2017

Vinay Chandrasekhar, Krishna Nagaraj, and Aravind Reddy (iMTech 2015 batch) won the "Young Innovators Award" in MeltingPot 2020 event, held in Hyderabad during November14-15, 2017. The students demonstrated prototypes of upper limb exoskeleton, lower limb DVT prophylaxis device,  programmable braille device and surgical probes in the event. 

IIIT Bangalore also won the "Exemplary student driven innovation ecosystem" award in MeltingPot 2020 event for showcasing prototypes of surgical and assistive devices. This work is carried in SARL lab affiliated to EHRC, IIIT Bangalore. The research work on these devices is carried by IIIT Bangalore in collaboration with NIMHANS faculty.  
The faculty from IIIT Bangalore involved in SARL lab are: Madhav Rao, Subhajit Sen, T K Srikanth, Debabrata Das, and Muralidhara V N, and faculty involved from NIMHANS are Dr. Vikas, and Dr. Laxmi Rao.                        IIIT Bangalore Students involved in the development of this work are: Vinay Chandrasekhar, Krishna Nagaraj, and Aravind Reddy.