IIITB’s pathway to new-age education

IIITB’s pathway to new-age education | Published on : 14-October-2019

The myth of the ‘average’, outdated formal education system focused on mass production and a new paradigm for education called Navigated Learning (NL) were some of the aspects presented during Samvaad talk held at IIITB campus on September 9. The talk titled ‘Navigated Learning: Pedagogy for a connected ...Read More

From sage under the tree to Google guru

Samvaad | Published on : 27-September-2019

  A decade ago, the possibility of unfettered and unlimited access to education seemed impossible. However, the traditional industrial approach to education, itself a legacy of the industrial revolution, is no longer relevant in a global, massively networked, hypercompetitive world. For instance, there is much uncertainty and ...Read More

ADCOM 2019 held at IIITB

ADCOM 2019 held at IIITB | Published on : 26-September-2019

The Advanced Computing and Communications Society (ACCS) unveiled the 25th edition of its flagship conference – Advanced Computing and Communications (ADCOM 2019) on September 5 at IIITB campus in Electronic city. This year, the conference explored the 5th generation of technology in cellular mobile and wireless communications ...Read More

An E-Cell for aspiring entrepreneurs

An E-Cell for aspiring entrepreneurs | Published on : 20-September-2019

To help students achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, IIITB has come up with an on campus E-cell. Inaugurated on August 23, the cell will act as a bridge between the students, staff, research labs, institute’s Innovation Centre and alumni, in addition to helping students in spotting business ideas and executing them ...Read More

A successful blood donation camp at IIITB

A successful blood donation camp at IIITB | Published on : 06-September-2019

    As many as 172 IIITB students and staff came together to donate blood and blood stem cell at the blood donation camp organized on the campus in Electronic city on September 5. The camp set up by Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST), a not for profit organization working in the field of blood banking and ...Read More

A startup by IIITB alumnus gets center stage

A startup by IIITB alumnus gets center stage | Published on : 06-September-2019

    Vidya Sagar, an IIITB alumnus who co-founded Spectronn, a wireless startup company, in 2016 is excited about the opportunity to join NTT DOCOMO in its 5G Open Partner Program. Spectronn, a wireless startup company co-founded by an IIITB alumnus, has been invited by NTT DOCOMO to join its 5G Open Partner ...Read More

Fault-tolerant Distributed Consensus: The Holy Grail Problem of Distributed Computing

Samvaad | Published on : 30-August-2019

The fourth and the last talk of Samvaad focusing on ‘Cryptography and Security’ was held at IIITB campus on August 26. The talk was delivered by Dr. Ashish Choudhury, associate professor at IIIT Bangalore, and it revolved around the concept of ‘Fault-tolerant Distributed Computing’, specifically on the problem ...Read More

Blockchain as future of data privacy

Samvaad | Published on : 30-August-2019

The third talk in the series of ongoing Samvaad season focused on application of blockchain in IoT (Internet of Things) industry. The session held on August 19 on IIITB campus listed some use cases and applications of blockchain and delved into its usage in healthcare domain. A blockchain is a time-stamped series of immutable ...Read More

It’s ‘Samvaad’ season at IIITB

Samvaad | Published on : 14-August-2019

The second Samvaad season of 2019 began on August 5 on IIITB campus in Electronic City. A platform to highlight various research initiatives on campus, the second season focuses on ‘Cryptography and Security’ and the first talk was delivered by Bhavana Kanukurthi, assistant professor at the department of Computer Science ...Read More

Samvaad: Data security through encryption schemes

Samvaad | Published on : 14-August-2019

The second talk of ‘Samvaad’ season took place on August 12 at IIITB campus and revolved around Homomorphic encryption schemes (HE). HE allows users to meaningfully manipulate ciphertexts without revealing any information about the underlying plaintexts. However, the talk stressed on the fact that sorting on encrypted ...Read More