Master of Science (Digital Society)

Admissions announcement for the academic year starting July 2016

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Recognizing the socio-economic potential of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and the increasing need to train professionals in harnessing this potential, IIIT-B has started a unique and innovative two-year M.Sc. (Digital Society) programme from 2015 onwards.

The programme is designed to create a group of professionals who will:

  • Contribute to the design, development and deployment of digital technologies for diverse social groups;
  • Provide and manage solutions that address persistent developmental challenges in domains such as education, governance, and health;
  • Engage in policy making and in advocacy for deploying digital technologies; and
  • Enrich interdisciplinary research on the digital society.

This is an interdisciplinary Master's program intended for graduates from any background who are interested in designing, developing, deploying and managing large ICT solutions for an inclusive and sustainable digital society. The batch size for academic year 2016-17 will be approximately 30.