Students Activities Committee (SAC)
SAC is the students body that acts as an interface between the Institute and the students (both in academic and extra-curricular activities). It is an Elected Body of Student Representatives across the I Year & II year M Tech students, MS (Research) students and PhD students. Its an eight member committee comprising four students each from second yr and from first yr. Current SAC members are: First Year


  • MT2012030  AYUSHI GOEL -
  • MT2012138  SRIDHAR J -

Second Year


  • MT2011091 NISHA MENON -

As of April, 2012.        For any clarifications, please contact jatin.chaudhary

  • MT2010006     ADITYA P -
  • MT2010040    GAJENDRA -
  • MT2010046    NIKHIL IKHAR -
  • MT2010053    JANANI T -
  • MT2010099    PAVITHRRA V -
  • MT2010113    R DEEPA -
  • MT2010125    SAMRAT DUTTA -
  • MT2010153    SUMIT ANAND -

As of April, 2012.  For any clarifications, please contact Placement Co-ordinator

Alumni Association

Alumni Representative on the Governing Body: Gautam Hegde (

As of Sep 30, 2009.         For any clarifications, please contact Amit Paul Babu

Entrepreneurship Club

As of Sep 30, 2009.        For any clarifications, please contact Vinil Jannapureddy

IEEE Student Chapter
Our student branch was started in the year of 1999 with an initial student member strength of 15. Our branch is affiliated to the IEEE Bangalore section. At present we have over 18 members in our student branch. From its very inception, it has been one of the most dynamic IEEE student branches in India. IEEE IIIT-B student chapter works in accordance with the different objectives of IEEE and tries to provide the students of IIIT-B, a competitive environment whereby their talents can be brought to light through its events. It has been consistently trying to spread the spirits of engineering and innovation coupled with dynamism and intellect.
The Director of our Institute, Prof.S.Sadagopan is our branch mentor and Dr.Debabrata Das, Professor, is our branch counselor. Our branch is one of the top 3 branches in the Bangalore section.

As of Sep 30, 2009.       For any clarifications, please contact Prof. Das

CSI Chapter
Current information being updated

Vivekananda Samiti
Vivekananda Samiti activities were initiated at IIIT-Bangalore on 12th January, 2007 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. There after regular meetings and talks were arranged for the benefit of all interested. The Samiti is coordinated by students interested in cultural and spiritual heritage of India. Swami Vivekananda’s lectures and written articles are studied and discussed amongst the participants to understand and develop an atmosphere of Universal Oneness and Brotherhood.
As of Sep 30, 2009.         For any clarifications, please contact Ritesh Kumar

IIIT-B unit of SPICMACAY has been functioning since 2001 with fair amount of participation by students / faculty / staff. Every year the local chapter arranges two programs at the campus and coordinates with the IIIT-B community and participates in the city programs.

Every year IIIT-B holds an "Open House" over 2 days where the students and faculty display the research projects under execution are show-cased. Typically we have identified slots for different technology displays; about 10-15 companies involving about 50 professionals and 10-15 colleges involving 10-15 faculty members and 100 students visit the OpenHouse@IIIT-B every year