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Misleading information about COVID healthcare is creating fear and anxiety among patients. Right data at the right time on single platform can give a sigh of relief to COVID patients. Keeping this in view, IIITB and CII Young Indians co-create ‘Bengaluru for Humanity’.

It is a COVID support application created to provide real-time, verified data on healthcare availability and support services.

The ‘Bengaluru for Humanity’ application was developed, and information verified and uploaded in less than 48 hours. This was a Joint initiative by IIITB & CII Young Indians led by Neelish Reddy, Chair Yi Bengaluru, Dr. Kaushik Murali Past Chair, Karthik Kittu Past EC Member & Yi Bengaluru Team and Sumukh Betagiri, Officer on Special Duty at the office of Shri. Tejasvi Surya, MP Bengaluru South.

Karthik Kittu, Chief Innovation Officer at IIITB and Manoj H P., Design Consultant at IIITB played a key role in developing this application.