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Education : Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Professor Prasanna did his B.Tech at IIT Kanpur, and MS and Ph.D at MIT, USA. He has worked at IIITB since 2004, and previously at Lucent Microelectronics and Lucent Bell Laboratories, for about 11 years.

At IIITB, he is interested broadly in the areas of algorithms and robotics. Major focus areas include robust optimization under uncertainty, with applications to supply chains, real time search, banking, gaming and allied areas. This work couples algorithms with information theory. Several publications from this work (since 2009) are in INFORMS, EuroOR, IAEng, and ORSI conferences. In robotics, a major focus area has been novel robot skeletons, which are generalized mechanisms, incorporating magnetics distributed throughout. Publications are in NaComm2007 and NaComm2007. At Lucent Prasanna worked in a variety of fields, including VLSI, switching, optical networking, etc. He was responsible for the signal processing system design of a major access product for Lucent's 5ESS switch, accounting for 30 million lines worldwide.

Prasanna has published about 50 papers, and holds about 20 patents (available on WIPO http://www.wipo.org). He has been on several technical program committees and has served as a referee for several journals. He is interested in robust optimization, communication systems (optical, wireless, powerline), electromechanical systems, animation and mathematics. He is also an advisor to Greendzine Technologies.

Robust optimization, Communication systems (optical, wireless, power line), Electromechanical systems, Animation and mathematics