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Admissions for the M.Tech CSE for 2023 is closed.

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  Admissions List   GATE Score Cut-off  
  CSE-OFFER-LIST-1       580
  ECE-OFFER-LIST-1   550
  CSE-OFFER-LIST-2   550
  ECE-OFFER-LIST-2   475
  CSE-OFFER-LIST-3   540
  ECE-OFFER-LIST-3   450
  CSE-OFFER-LIST-4   480
  ECE-OFFER-LIST-4   430


M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

The two year (four semesters) course requires the student to earn at least 64 credits to graduate with the M.Tech. degree.

Selection Procedure:  GATE (CS) SCORE

Intake:  150

All students enrolled in the M.Tech. programme are residential, full-time students. 
Students in the first semester will choose courses worth at least 16 credits, from the following course. Each course here is of 4 credits.

  1. Algorithms
  2. Networking and Communication
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Mathematics for Machine Learning
  5. Software Systems
  6. Concrete Mathematics 

Students will choose 4 elective courses in each of second and third semester. Each M.Tech. (CSE) student should do SIX branch elective courses. The last semester will be Thesis/Internship. Depending on the elective courses students choose M.Tech. (CSE) students have the option to specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Theory and Systems for Computing and Data (TSCD)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML)
  • Networking and Communication (NC)
  • VLSI Systems (VLSI)
  • Digital Society (DT)
  • Cyber Security (CY)



Minimum Requirements

The minimum qualification for admission to the M.Tech. (CSE) programme is 65% in four-year bachelor's degree in engineering (i.e. B.E., B.Tech., or equivalent) in any one of the following (or equivalent) branches.

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering

Final-year students expecting to graduate by July 2023 may also apply.

Admissions to the M.Tech. (CSE) programme is on the basis of performance in the GATE examination. GATE scores (valid as of June 1, 2023) in CS - Computer Science and Information Technology will be considered for admission to the M.Tech. (CSE) programme.

There is no fixed cut-off of GATE scores for admissions. In 2022, M.Tech. (CSE) admission offers were made up to GATE score of 583. The GATE score cut-off for 2023 will vary depending upon the applications received.

Candidates can apply online from March 16, 2023. 

SignUp url: Signup

Applicant Portal url: https://erp.iiitb.net/applicant-portal/

CLICK HERE to view the Instruction set.

For any urgent technical issues on the applicant portal, please reach out via WhatsApp at the number +91-9770502091.

    1. Any errors you encounter when filling the form.
    2. If you do not get e-mail with login-id and password AFTER payment.
    3. If you have difficulty in uploading your documents.

For all other queries, please send e-mail to admissions-mtech@iiitb.ac.in

Note: The portal works best on IE/Chrome/Firefox accessed through the desktop.

All applicants need to pay a non-refundable application fee of INR 1000/-. 

The students who are joining the programme in July 2023, will pay tuition fee Rs.1,92,000/- per semester. The total tuition fees for the entire duration of the programme (for students admitted in July 2023) will be Rs. 7,68,000/-

In addition, students need to pay hostel and campus facility fee of Rs. 39,000 per semester and 28,800 per semester for catering and food services (subject to revision from time to time).

At the time of admission, every student need to pay Library Deposit of INR 4,000/- and Caution Deposit for Hostel INR 15,000/- which are refundable at the time of graduation.

Every student needs to pay insurance charges of Rs 2,000/- per year (subject to revision every year).

Other costs for books and supplies, travel, purchase of a laptop, etc. need to be factored by students themselves depending on their individual circumstances/needs.

The Institute has offered about 5 scholarships (out of the 150+ students admitted in 2022) to meritorious students joining the M.Tech programme (CSE + ECE). The Institute expects to offer a similar number of industry-funded scholarships in 2023 as well. The scholarship amount covers almost all student expenses over the duration of their M. Tech programme. The selection for these industry-sponsored scholarships is carried out by the industry representatives along with IIITB faculty coordinators.

In addition to the IIITB scholarships, GATE-qualified students will be eligible for fellowships from AICTE as per AICTE norms. (across CSE and ECE)

Since the M.Tech. programme is very demanding, and classes, tutorials and laboratory sessions often extend beyond regular working hours and during the weekends, staying at the hostel accommodation provided by the Institute is mandatory.

The male students admitted to the M.Tech. programme will be provided accommodation in an off-campus hostel facility arranged by IIITB. The female students will be provided hostel accommodation on campus itself. The hostel fee rates are applicable uniformly for all the students irrespective of the hostel location.


Online Applications


Online application available

16 March, 2023 

Last date for applying online and paying application fee 

 22 May, 2023



 Date of Announcement  

 Last Date for acceptance  


25 May, 2023

19 June, 2023

2 (if any)

21 June, 2023

26 June, 2023

3 (if any)

28 June, 2023

3 July, 2023

Special Round (if any)

(in person - on Campus) 

15 July, 2023 

15 July, 2023 


 Reporting date

10 July, 2023  

 Admissions closed (no fresh offers made after this date)  

17 July, 2023


Special Admission Round: depending upon the availability of vacant seats, there may be a special admission round held in-person on IIITB campus.   


Eligibility for special round: all those who have applied and are within the specified cut-off (irrespective of the status of acceptance of previous offers, if any).


Note: The admission committee reserves all rights to alter the schedule depending upon the prevailing circumstances.


You can download a FREE IIITB admission brochure.


  Please write to IIIT-B Registrar or admissions-mtech@iiitb.ac.in if you any queries.