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8Bit is the official magazine of IIIT Bangalore. It is an entirely student-run club, where they are the sole in-charge of editing the magazine, and deciding its content and structure. The magazine provides an outlet for your creativity - all your thoughts, artistic endeavors and humor. The best part about 8Bit is that it is not limited to a specific type of content and has a place for everyone - whether you are a designer, artist, writer, editor, poet or just a social person who wants to know people by talking or interviewing them. Here at 8Bit, the bonds are formed over lively discussion sessions and late night editing and designing marathons. So join us for a different take in an IT college, to give you a break and let you explore your lesser known interests!.

Core Members:

Shivankar Pilligundla
Rakshit Bang
Naman Kansal
Anwit Damle
Aryan Bhatt
Tejdeep Gutta
Sooraj Sathish

Contact: 8bit@iiitb.org