The International Institute of Information Technology, a Deemed University, popularly known as IIITB, was established in 1999 with a vision to contribute to the IT world by focusing on education and research, entrepreneurship and innovation. Since its inception, IIITB, with its unique model of education, research, and industry interaction, has grown in stature to become an institution of considerable repute in academic as well as corporate circles. The Institute works in partnership with the corporate sector, while retaining the freedom of an academic institution. It is inspired by other renowned institutions, and also strives to emulate an academic culture that is on par with the best international institutions. The graduate programs at IIITB are among the best in the country, offering training oriented towards producing highly qualified practitioners and researchers. As an independent institution and a deemed university, IIITB collaborates with the IT industry, leading academic institutions abroad, and eminent scientists and industry leaders to offer students the best possible education. Our students have been well received by industry, and have been placed with some of the leading companies in the field; in fact, IIITB can boast of 100% placement for all its graduates.

The goal of post graduate programmes at IIITB is to develop professionals of high quality to cater to the needs of industry and academia. Such education will be based on a broad grasp of the fundamental principles of the sciences and scientific methods, a deep understanding of specific area of specialization, an ability to solve new problems, and a capacity to learn continually and interact with multidisciplinary groups. Above all, IIITB aims at developing in its students a capacity for free and objective enquiry, courage and integrity, and awareness and sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of society.

The postgraduate programmes are designed with the above goals in view. They include courses of study, seminars, project work, internships, and research leading to a thesis.

The Institute offers the following post graduate programmes

  1. Integrated M.Tech. (iMTech)
  2. Master of Technology (M.Tech.)
  3. Master of Science by Research (M.S. Research)
  4. Master of Science (Digital Society)
  5. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Other programmes as may be approved by the Senate from time to time.

Overall Sponsored M.Tech. Programme Structure

All the classes for the sponsored programme will be held at the IIITB campus in Electronics City and the graduating requirement for the programme will be same as the M.Tech programme offered at the Institute. The students completing the programme will be awarded degree in M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. The student who joins this programme will be able to complete the graduating requirements in two and half years. The following Table provide a summary of the credit distribution in the Sponsored M.Tech. programme.

Table 1: Overview of the curriculum

Semester 1
(16 weeks)
8 Credits - 2 Foundation Courses
Semester 1
(8 weeks)
4 Credits - 1 Foundation Course
Semester 2
(16 weeks)
12 Credits - 1 Foundation Course and 2 Electives
Semester 3
(16 weeks)
12 credits -3 Electives
Semester 2
(8 weeks)
4 Credits - 1 Foundation Course
Semester 3
(16 weeks)
8 credits -2 Electives
Semester 4
(24 weeks)
16 credits- Project/ Thesis
Total 64 credits

Areas of Specialization

Areas of Specialization within the programme allow students to enroll in electives in specific focus areas as part of the programme. The M.Tech. (CSE) curriculum offers electives in four areas of specialization for the students:

  1. Theory and Systems(TS)
  2. Data Science(DS)
  3. Networking & Communication(NC)
  4. Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition(SP)

If a student completes the requisite number of electives in a chosen area of specialization, the same is recorded as part of the student transcript.

Foundation Courses

M.Tech (CSE) students in the first semester will choose courses worth at least 16 credits, from the following course. Each course here is of 4 credits.

  1. Algorithms
  2. Networking and Communication
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Mathematics for Machine Learning
  5. Software Systems
  6. Discrete Mathematics and Computability


The number of electives to be completed by each student is eight. Thus the total number of credits that can be accumulated through electives is now 32 credits. Each elective will be associated with one or more areas of specialization. If at least five of the eight electives (in the second and third semester) is from a particular specialization, say Data Science, then M.Tech (CSE) with specialization in DS is awarded. The name of the specialization (if any) is noted in the transcript. If these five electives are drawn from various specializations, then MTech is awarded without any mention of specialization.

Design of Elective course is addressed in detail by the faculty concerned. This design of the course is presented to faculty / Senate before being offered to students. Some of the Elective Courses may require a specific course(s) as a prerequisite.

Admission Procedure

6.1.1 Eligibility

The minimum qualification for admission to any of the post-graduate programmes at IIITB is 65% in four-year bachelor's degree in engineering (i.e. B.E., B.Tech., or equivalent).

For M.Tech in CSE, bachelor's degree in any one of the following branches will be considered.

  1. Computer Science & Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Information Technology
  4. Information Systems
  5. Electronics & Communication Engineering
    6.1.2 Selection Procedure

    Organizations who want to Sponsor their employees will recommend the candidates as per the MoU between the Institute and the Organisation. IIITB will conduct a written test for the recommended candidates and then the final admission offers will be based on scores obtained in the written test and the prior academic performance of the candidates.


    Application Fee of Rs. 1000 is payable for each candidate recommended by the organization to undergo the written test for admission. Once a student is admitted, the tuition fee payable is calculated as noted below.

    Base unit for calculation of tuition fee for Sponsored M.Tech. Programme is the Full time Equivalent Fee (FTEF). This is the fee that a regular (non-sponsored) full time student of IIITB pays for the M. Tech Programme in the year in which he/she enrolls in the programme. For a given entering batch, the fee agreed upon will remain the same for the duration of the M. Tech programme. Based on the applicable FTEF, the fee for the Sponsored M. Tech programme will be at the rate of TWO times FTEF for each student, payable in five Installments.

    The current total base tuition fee (FTEF) for the M. Tech students who are admitted in August 2019 is Rs. 5,36,000. Based on this FTEF, the total tuition fee for the Sponsored M. Tech students who are joining in January 2020 will be Rs. 10,72,000. No other additional costs or charges are payable.

    For more information

    Feel free to contact IIITB Outreach office at outreach@iiitb.ac.in if there are any queries or clarifications required.