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Contributions to Combinatorics from Indian Classics

  • Paduka Sahasra

Paduka Sahasra (1300 A.D.)

  • The Haravijaya of Ratnakara

Haravijaya (about 800 A.D.)

(excerpt from Haravijaya)

  • Modern English Chitrakavya by Prof. Donald Knuth (2005)-Similar to Paduka Sahasra

Recitation By Prof. Donald Knuth

Poem 1
(Right click & Save as target)

One two three four See each word here   One knight jumps like three rook wise steps
Jumps so wise now find their place passed Past sore too mean so just for free
Terns can't soar like flies the free rook Hops here turns there flies each goose now
Goose steps just won't mean knight hops last Can't place last word? Won't find the sea
Sequential Tour            
Knight Tour
Follow: One-blue,too-green,three...(Figure it out)

  • Modern English Chitrakavya by Prof. Donald Knuth (2005)-Similar to Harivijaya

Poem 2 (Right click & Save as target)

Have some fun Watch this or that word   One two three four watch each word here
great four lines take out each gives eight or take some left steps and move eight
Left than two black and just here white just right gives this black rook great fun
three rook steps make one knight move right than have lines make out that white knight
Knight Tour       
Sequential Tour
(Figure out the Hamiltonian circuit)

  • Modern Sanskrit Chitrakavyas (around 1800-1900):
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