Networking and Communication Lab (NCL)








Courses Designed and Taught:

  1. Internet of Things (NC 812; Dr. Jyotsna Bapat and Dr. Debabrata Das)


  1. Wireless Access Networks (NC-205 Dr. Debabrata Das)


  1. Computer Networking and Communication (NC- 101; Computer Networking part by Dr. Debabrata Das and Communication part by Dr. Jyotsna Bapat)


  1. Mobile Computing with IMS (NC 210, Dr. Debabrata Das)


  1. Digital Communication (CC 106; Dr. Jyotsna Bapat)


  1. Cryptography and Network Security (Dr. Tricha Anjali)


  1. Fundamentals of Telecom Infrastructure (IT-542; Dr. Debabrata Das)


  1. Basic Electronics, Digital Logic and Circuits (ES 101; Theory part by Dr. Debabrata Das and Dr. Jyotsna Bapat)


  1. Multimedia Networking and Network Management (IT-625, Dr. Debabrata Das)











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