Current Members

  • Jaya Sreevalsan Nair - IIITB faculty profile page, CV, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, Publication list, DBLP
    Videos of talks and panel discussions, email: jnair_dot_iiitb_dot_ac_dot_in
    Visual Analytics, Spatial Computing, Complex Networks, Second-order Tensor Fields, Matrix-based Methods, Multi-scale/resolution Methods, Consensus Methods Earth Observations (LiDAR Point Clouds, Ocean Grids), Population Surveys, Chart Images
  • Ancy Thomas - Ph.D. Student (2021-), CV, LinkedIn, Google Scholar
    email: ancymol_dot_thomas_at_iiitb_dot_ac_dot_in
    Scientific Datasets, Visualization Systems, Change Detection in Geospatial Datasets
  • Aswathi Mundayatt Valappil - MS by Research Student (2022-), CV, LinkedIn 
    email: aswathimundayatt_dot_valappil_at_iiitb_dot_ac_dot_in
    Natural Hazard Risk Assessment and Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning
  • Beryl Gnanaraj - Research Associate (2020-21), Ph.D. Student (2021-), CV, LinkedIn
    email: beryl_dot_gnanaraj004_at_iiitb_dot_ac_dot_in
    Population Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
  • Butani Prince Nileshbhai - MS by Research Student (2022-), CV, LinkedIn
    email: butaniprince_dot_nileshbhai_at_iiitb_dot_ac_dot_in
    Automotive LiDAR Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Machine Learning
  • Harshitha Ravindra - Ph.D. candidate (2018-), CV, LinkedIn, Google Scholar
    email: harshitha_dot_ravindra_at_iiitb_dot_ac_dot_in
    Information Visualization, Data Modeling, Machine Learning in Public Health Systems
  • Pragyan Mohapatra - MS by Research Student (2018-), CV, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, ResearchGate
    email: pragyan_dot_mohapatra_at_iiitb_dot_ac_dot_in
    Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Analytics

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