The mission of the Software Engineering stream at IIIT-B are two-fold: firstly, to educate our students to be high quality software engineers, with strong hands-on experience and with strong foundations in computer science concepts; secondly, to contribute original and ground-breaking ideas to the state-of-the art in SE by actively involving in research.

Software engineering (SE) brings together interesting avenues of both fundamental and applied research contributing to the broad spectrum of activities involved in the creation of large, complex, industrial strength software systems having high quality, dependability and within reasonable resources.

Our current research covers a wide variety of areas ranging from empirical to formal aspects of SE. Our research covers both upstream (requirement and design) and downstream (testing and maintenance) SDLC activities cutting across a variety of application domains (enterprise, embedded etc). Here is a list of some of the broad areas in which our faculty members are working: Pattern oriented software engineering, software architecture, distributed software engineering, model driven software engineering (MDSE), software testing, verification and validation (V&V) of web-services and V&V of embedded software (cyber-physical systems and adaptive systems) among others.