The benefactors along the way

This lab has been blessed by the support by several benefactors from its birth and subsequent growth.
In 2011, I had received a teaching grant from NVIDIA with graphics cards. As a new faculty member at IIIT Bangalore and also being new to Indian academia and academia, in general, I was still get my bearings around setting up my research group. Hence, I didn't have a lab setup already to use the graphics cards that I got. Prof. P. G. Poonacha, who had just received the CEEMS grant from the Government of Karnataka, wholeheartedly helped with the funds to set up the lab, and without saying much he told me that I could now run the freshly conceptualized "Graphics Computing Lab", metaphorically handing over the keys to the lab. While I was tending to work in high-performance computing, and build a lab centered around GPU's, the lab name did not reflect my primary research interest, which is data visualization. Hence, I renamed the lab to what it is today.
These events sparked my efforts towards applying for research grants. In 2012, I received a research project grant from NRDMS program, under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The sparsely populated (one-person) lab remained dormant throughout, with the uncertainties of its growth. But, this was to change in late 2013. With faith and unconditional support from my then-Masters student Beena Kumari, we decided to revive the lab. We began to organize activities in the lab, and using the identity of the lab for all our research activities.
The IIITB fraternity has forever supported the research lab. I will not be able to thank Prof. S. Sadagopan, the founding director of IIIT Bangalore, enough in this regard.
There was no looking back since the rebirth in 2013-14. Through the lab, we have been able to foster talent of several young students, and get several grants, as any other functioning research labs. Some of the lab members have helped in running the lab organization, beyond their own research and/or academic requirements, and that list includes Shivam Agarwal, Reddy Rani Vangimalla, Harshitha Ravindra.

-Jaya Sreevalsan Nair
(written on 2021-01-24)

This page is also for thanking the funding agencies and outfits, whose generous grants, have helped in building the lab. To name a few, our benefactors include the following in chronological order of oldest to newest.
  • NVIDIA, 2011
  • Center for Electronics and Embedded Systems (CEEMS) grant, from Government of Karnataka to IIIT Bangalore, 2011
  • NRDMS, Government of India, 2012
  • EMC2-RSA Center of Excellence, 2013
  • INCOIS, 2014
  • FRHS Bangalore, 2015
  • SERB, through the Early Career Research Award, 2017
  • IBM Shared University Grant, 2018
  • E-Health Research Center grant, from Government of Karnataka, 2018
  • Machine Intelligence and Robotics (MINRO) Center grant, from Government of Karnataka to IIIT Bangalore, 2018
  • Intel India Research Fellowship, 2019
  • SERB, through the MATRICS scheme, 2019