At the Graphics-Visualization-Computing-Lab at IIIT-Bangalore, we work in the domain of spatial computing and visual analytics. Our focus in research and development in visual analytics, GPGPU (general purpose GPU computing) and graphics. Our interests lie in developing interdisciplinary data models and techniques for visual analytics, involving second-order tensors and matrices for complex networks, spatio-temporal and multivariate data.
We work on applications in geosciences/earth observations, biological and brain networks from biomedical data, public health data from household surveys, chart image analysis, and others. We actively work with domain experts, such as oceanographers, GIS practitioners, survey data analysts, biologists, and medical doctors, in devising novel solutions.

GVCL is one of the founding and participating labs of the Center for Data Sciences (CDS) at IIITB. GVCL is closely affiliated with the E-Health Research Center (EHRC) at IIITB.

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[10/2020] S. Singh, and J. Sreevalsan-Nair, "A Distributed System for Optimal Scale Feature Extraction and Semantic Classification of Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds," accepted at the 17th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology (ICDCIT 2021), January 2021.

[09/2020] S. Singh, and J. Sreevalsan-Nair, "A Distributed System for Multiscale Feature Extraction and Semantic Classification of Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds," accepted at the IEEE International India Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2020 (InGARSS 2020), December 2020.

[09/2020] Beryl Gnanaraj has joined as a Research Associate.

J. Sreevalsan-Nair, K. Dadhich, and S. C. Daggubati, "Tensor Fields for Data Extraction from Chart Images: Bar Charts and Scatter Plots," accepted in Topological Methods in Visualization: Theory, Software and Applications, Ingrid Hotz, Talha Bin Masood, Filip Sadlo, and Julien Tierny (Eds.). Springer-Verlag, 2020.

[07/2020] R. R. Vangimalla and J. Sreevalsan-Nair, “A Multiscale Consensus Method Using Factor Analysis to Extract Modular Regions in the Functional Brain Network,” accepted in the Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conferences of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2020), July 2020.  The talk has been presented at the virtual conference.

[07/2020] R. R. Vangimalla and J. Sreevalsan-Nair presented two posters at ISMB 2020, "Influence of COVID-19 Transmission Stages and Demographics on Length of In-Hospital Stay in Singapore for the First 1000 Patients" in the COVID-19 track (also co-authored by P. R. Ghogale), "Construction and Visualization of Diseasome of Lung Diseases Associated with COVID-19 from Co-association Networks of Multi-omics Data" in the NetBio COSI track. The talks and posters were presented at the virtual conference.

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