At the Graphics-Visualization-Computing-Lab at IIIT-Bangalore, we work in the domain of spatial computing. Our focus in research and development in visual analytics, GPGPU (general purpose GPU computing) and graphics. Our interests lie in developing interdisciplinary data models and techniques for visual analytics, involving second-order tensors and matrices for complex networks, spatio-temporal and multivariate data. We work on applications in geosciences/earth observations, small-world networks, biological networks, public health data, and others. We actively work with domain experts, such as oceanographers, GIS practitioners, survey data analysts, biologists, and medical doctors, in devising novel solutions.

GVCL is one of the founding and participating labs of the Center for Data Sciences (CDS) at IIITB. GVCL is closely affiliated with the E-Health Research Center (EHRC) at IIITB.

Currently Trending

[08/2019] Pragyan has bagged the Intel India Research Fellowship 2019.
[08/2019] Rani and Jaya has a poster acceptance at VCBM 2019.
[08/2019] Bhargav has joined University of Florida for M.S.; Dhvani, Kunika, and Siri Chandana have joined GVCL.

[08/2019] Komal and Jaya have begun work with Prof. Sindhu Mathai in Azim Premji University on graph perception in grade-school students.

Upcoming Events/Submission Deadlines

[09/2019] Complex Networks

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