Mathematics & Information Technology - Symposium in 76th Annual Conference of Indian Math Society


Call for Presentations


Speakers are invited to submit abstracts for presentation at the symposium.


Of special interest are presentations that link deep mathematical theories to problems in contemporary IT (may not be typically taught to IT professionals). Some examples may include presentations on wavelet theory of Yves Meyer, and the work of Dan Spielman, which includes many groundbreaking contributions to theoretical computer science, from convex analysis and polytopes, to error correcting codes, to numerical analysis.

Yves Meyer's work in harmonic analysis led him to work on wavelets. He contributed greatly to the singular integral operator theory which resulted in enormous progress in wavelet theory and its applications. He was awarded the Gauss Prize for his contributions in 2010.


The characteristic of Dan Spielman's work is the beautiful interface between theory and practice, be it in mathematical programming, error-correcting codes, the search for Ramanujan- quality sparsifers, the analysis of algorithms, computational complexity theory, or numerical analysis. He won the Nevanlinna Prize for his contributions in 2010.

Other examples are the work of Peter W. Shor in quantum computation, computational geometry, and the work of Timothy Gowers connecting functional analysis with combinatorics, and Jon Klienberg's work on networks and information.



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