September 2014

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India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) hosted their Board meeting in the Institute
(September 1)
Visit of Honourable IT, BT & Science & Technology Minister, Government of Karnataka, Mr. S. R. Patil
(September 1)
Dean's List students with Governing Body Members
(September 2)
Blood Donation Camp at IIITB
(September 5)
Onam Festival at IIITB
(September 10)
Taiwan Higher Education Exposition and Delegation
(September 12)
Reunion of the students from the first graduating batch of the Institute
(September 15)
15th Foundation Day
(September 15)
15th Foundation Day cake cutting ceremony
(September 15)
15th Foundation Day- Cultural Programme
(September 15)
Visit of Mr. Wim Elfrink, Executive Vice Presidents, Industry Solutions & Chief Globalization Officer, CISCO.
(September 22)
KAMCO (Karnataka Asset Management Company Pvt Ltd) signed an Memorandum of Understanding with IIITB Innovation Centre
(September 26)
Graduation Day of Analytics Essentials Batch 2
(September 26)
Visit of Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar P, AVSM, VSM, Commandant, Indian Naval Academy
(September 29)

From the Director's Desk:

September is a special month for IIITB. It was on September 15, 1999 that our academic activities started (the first set of classes were held).

We celebrate the 15th of September as our Foundation Day every year. This was the 15th year. You will find more details in this issue of our monthly Newsletter

Our I Batch of M Tech students started their classes on September 15, 1999, completed their studies by January 15, 2001 (M. Tech. degree program was of 18-month duration those days across the country) and graduated on February 4, 2001. For the I Batch 15th September is a special day. They decided to celebrate their Reunion on September 15, 2014, thanks to the initiative taken by Parthasarathy Patel (Our I Batch Alum); more than 20 alumni of the I Batch (some families joined too) were on the Campus; they were reminiscing the "good old days"​ in the company of Prof. Mahabala, Prof. Dinesha, Prof. Mohan Sundararajan and Prof. S. Sadagopan who taught the I Batch; Mr. Somashekar, Ms. Ramadevi and Mr. Dorai Murugan from the Staff joined the occasion; several of the 136-strong I Batch Alumni joined over Skype, thanks to technology. I Batch Alumni handed over a cheque of Rs 1.5 Lakhs towards Scholarship Fund which we gratefully acknowledge!


  • The Dean's list was announced on September 2. The Dean's list honors students for their academic performance. M. Tech. students with CGPA 3.75 or higher, and iMTech students with CGPA 3.6 or higher find a place in the list.

    Following students were honored with Dean’s list:
    M.Tech 2013
    Amrutha M. (MT2013009), Gopal Shukla (MT2013055), Harsha N Bhushan (MT2013057), Kumudini Kakwani (MT2013072), Patil Sanjivani Rajiv  (MT2013101), Shivam Upadhyay (MT2013144), Sumit Kumar Dutta (MT2013154)

    iMTech 2012
    Ananth Murthy (IMT2012004), Anusha P S (IMT2012007), Chandan Yeshwanth (IMT2012010), Reijul Sachdev (IMT2012036), Tanmayee Narendra (IMT2012046)

    iMTech 2013
    Aditya Sanjay Paliwal (IMT2013004), B Laasya  (IMT2013008), Devarsh K U (IMT2013012), Komaragiri Vasundhara (IMT2013018), Kumaresh Krishnan (IMT2013021), Nigel Steven Fernandez (IMT2013027), Simran Bimal Dokania (IMT2013044)



  • On September 1, India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) hosted their Board meeting in the Institute. After the board meeting, the IESA members discussed with the Director, Prof. Sadagopan and faculty members regarding possible collaboration with Indian industry in the Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) domain. In succession, IESA discussed with Honourable IT, BT & Science & Technology Minister, Government of Karnataka, who was visiting the campus, on possible growth plans of hardware industry in the State.
  • 56th meeting of the Governing Body and Annual General Body meeting were held on September 2.
  • The Institute Women's Cell organized a meeting and discussion with girl students and women staff and faculty members on September 3. Agenda of the meeting, presided by Prof. Meenakshi D'Souza, was to discuss the following issues.
    • Discuss about issues related to hygiene in ladies toilets and ladies hostel
    • Internal Complaints Committee at IIITB
  • The creation and maintenance of a Stem Cell Registry is a relatively new initiative taken by the Rotary-Bangalore TTK Blood Bank. To educate the students on the Benefits and Risks of Stem Cell Donation, a talk on “Stem Cell Awareness” by Dr. Sanjana Dontula, M.D. Microbiology, Head Stem Cell Registry India, Transfusion Microbiologist and Quality Manager was organized on September 4.
  • The Rotary-Bangalore TTK Blood Bank, together with IIITB organized a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp on the institute premises on September 5. The camp saws active participation from the students. 86 units of blood were collected from voluntary donors and 36 voluntary donors registered for the Stem Cell Registry.
  • Teachers’ Day (September 5) is always a special occasion in IIITB. This year faculty and staff members were welcomed with a special greeting. Students organized a small function on this occasion.
  • The festival of Onam was celebrated on the campus on September 10. The events and festivities were organized by the students. Students arrived in traditional wear for the occasion. Several fun games were planned, which included Ori Adi, Burst-the-Balloon, Three Legged Race and Tug-of-War, and students participated in them actively. A Lemon and Spoon race was organized for the faculty members and staff, which saw enthusiastic participation.
  • There was a session for students on exampad orientation on September 10, to prepare them for taking midterm exams on the exampad.
  • The 15th year (crystal) reunion of the students from the first graduating batch of the Institute was a memorable event on September 15. See first batch re-union photo Album for the event coverage.
  • IIITB celebrated its 15th Foundation Day on September 15. The Guests of Honour for the event were: Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Jain University; Mr. V. P. Baligar, IAS, Chairman & Managing Director, Karnataka State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd; Mr. Jawaid Akhtar, IAS, Chairman, Coffee Board, Government of India; Dr. Alok Pande, Director, Indian Overseas Bank; Ms. Mythily Ramesh, Co-Founder & CEO, NextWealth Entrepreneurs Private Ltd and Mr. Ramesh Srinivas, Co-Founder & CEO , Worxogo. The celebration included the Director's welcome speech, speeches by the Guests of Honour, cake cutting, a cultural programme and dinner. For Details:
  • On September 26, KAMCO (Karnataka Asset Management Company Pvt Ltd) signed an Memorandum of Understanding with IIITB Innovation Centre under Sec. 25 not for profit company of IIITB to promote Venture Capital funding for the companies incubated at IIITB in the area of ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacture).
  • Graduation Day of Analytics Essentials Batch 2 was held on September 26. For the course program, which ran from March 22 to July 12, classes were conducted on Saturdays and it was concluded with a final assessment. At the end of which 9 students received the Completion Certificate while 10 students received the Participation Certificate. Mr. N Ravi Shanker, IAS - Secretary - Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, Govt. of India was the Chief Guest on the Graduation day.
  • Mid-term exams for all the batches were held from September 25 to October 1.


  • Prof. Brijesh Mishra’s manuscript got accepted in the Journal of Organic Chemistry, American Chemical Society. The journal article is:
    Brijesh Kumar Mishra, Milind Madhusudan Deshmukh, and Ramanathan Venkatnarayan, "C–H···π Interactions and the Nature of the Donor Carbon Atom," The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 79 (18), pp 8599-8606, ACS Publications, 2014,

Faculty & Staff

  • BESCOM convened their meeting at IIITB on the IT roadmap committee with the presence of their Managing Director Pankaj Pandey, IAS and Prof. S. Sadagopan, the Director and Prof. Rajagopalan on September 3.
  • The Director (Prof. S. Sadagopan), the Dean-Academics (Prof. Debabrata Das), Samsung Sponsored M.Tech Programme Co-ordinator (Prof. S. Rajagopalan), and M.Tech Co-ordinator (Prof. V.N. Muralidhara) visited Samsung R & D Labs India and met with the Senior Management (MD Dr Jason, Dr Dey, De Viswanath and Mrs Romita Mukherjee of HR) and all the 30 students for an interactive session. The meeting concluded with the Dean giving out the Dean’s List Certificates were given to the following students:
    1 Gaurav Kumar Jain (EMT2013007) 
    2 Giridhar Bachalli Maruthy (EMT2013009)
    3 Kumar Murugesan (EMT2013014)
  • Jaya Sreevalsan-Nair gave a tutorial titled "Visualization: Above all else show the data" at the ACM-W India Celebrations of Women in Computing (AICWIC 2014) in Goa on September 26.
  • There are new faces and roles on campus. Details of their joining:

    • Prof. Subramanya S. V. as member of Adjunct Faculty, on September 1.
    • Ms. G.V.K. Sasirekha as Senior Scientific Officer, on September 2.
    • Mr. Siddhartha Lal as Research Assistant, on September 2.
    • Ms. Cynthia DMello as Staff Officer to Deans' Office, on September 8.
    • Mr. Sumukh Rao as Officer Outreach (Information), on September 8.
    • Prof. Jillet Sarah as Assistant Professor, on September 15.


Guest Talks

  • September 3: "Imagining the State through Digital Technologies: A Case of Computerization in the Indian Public Distribution System" by Dr. Silvia Masiero from the Information Systems at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, United Kingdom.
  • September 10: “Decentralized Dynamic Spectrum Learning and Access (DSLA) with Tunable Bandwidth: Contributions to the Design of Variable Digital Filters and DSLA Policy by Dr.Sumit Darak, post-doctoral researcher at the CominLabs Excellence Center, Université Europèenne de Bretagne (UEB) and Supélec, Rennes, France.
  • September 10: “Machine Manipulable Models for Informed and Data-Driven Decision-) Making” ( by Vinay Kulkarni from TRDDC
  • September 10: "Mobile Apps Testing - business, product and technology perspectives" by Mr. Srinivasan Desikan and Mr. Vivek Bhatt from HP Strategic Enterprise Services.
  • September 17: “Factors Affecting the Cues for Concurrent Vowel Identification: Vowel Level, Age and Hearing Loss” by Dr. Ananthakrishna Chintanpalli.

Campus Visitors

  • September 1: Honourable IT, BT & Science & Technology Minister, Government of Karnataka, Mr. S. R. Patil
  • September 12: Taiwan Higher Education Exposition and Delegation
  • September 16: Dr. Keiichiro Yoshinaga, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  • September 22: Mr. Gokul, Head the Corporate Planning and Strategy for Lowe’s India.
  • September 22: Mr. Wim Elfrink, Executive Vice Presidents, Industry Solutions & Chief Globalization Officer, CISCO.
  • September 29: Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar P, AVSM, VSM, Commandant, Indian Naval Academy


  • October 13: Classes resume after the Mid-Term break.