October 2014

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Saraswati Puja at IIITB
(October 1)
Housekeeping Staff with the Director for Ayudha Puja Celebrations
(October 1)
Mr. B. A. Harish Gowda, IAS (retd), Former Secretary, Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Government of Karnataka
(October 15)

whatfix, a startup by Khadim Batti won the “Best Startup Award” at the DreamPlus Startup Battlefield held in Seoul, South Korea

SPIC MACAY Programme by Malladi brothers
(October 17)
Diwali Celebrations at IIITB
(October 23)
Diwali Celebrations at IIITB
(October 23)
Diwali Celebrations at IIITB
(October 23)
The Rastriya Ekta Diwas event at IIITB
(October 31)
The Rastriya Ekta Diwas event at IIITB
(October 31)
Progress of new hostel building construction

From the Director's Desk:

October is generally a festive month with Dasara and Deepavali giving occasions to celebrate in most parts of India. October 2014 was no exception. We at IIITB had simple celebrations for both Deepavali and Dasara. With Kailash Satyarthi sharing 2014 Nobel Peace Prize with Pakistani child activist Malala, Indo-Pak region was in elevated mood in October. With our faculty members Profs. Balaji Parthasarathy and V. N. Muralidhara winning Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship and IBM Faculty Award, respectively and our alumni Kausal Malladi (MT2012064) and Khadim Batti (99014) winning Best Paper Award and Best Startup Award in Korea, respectively, IIITB had reasons to celebrate too.
Mid-Term examinations, several distinguished guests, many of whom gave Guest Talks / Technical Seminars, and two Ph. D. candidates defending their Theses, ensured that life in the Campus was buzzing with activities. You will find details in this edition of our monthly Newsletter.


  • whatfix, a startup by Khadim Batti (99014, alumnus from the first graduating batch), recently won the “Best Startup Award” at the DreamPlus Startup Battlefield held in Seoul, South Korea. 11 start-ups representing 11 Asian countries participated in the event. Some of the whatfix news in media:
    Economic Times

  • The paper titled "Architecting A Large Scale Ubiquitous E-Voting Solution for Conducting Government Elections" by Kausal Malladi (MT2012064), Srivatsan S. (MT2012139) and Prof. L. T. JayPrakash, was presented at the 2014 (IEEE) International Conference on Advances in Electronics, Computers and Communications (ICAECC) in Bangalore, on October 11. The paper created great interest among the audience and won "The Best Paper Award" for "Computing" session.


  • IIITB celebrated Ayudha Puja and Saraswati Puja on October 1.
  • Mid-Term break for all batches started on October 2.
  • 42nd Senate meeting was held on October 8.
  • After Mid-Term break, classes resumed for all the batches on October 13.
  • SPIC MACAY Bangalore chapter organized Carnatic vocal performance by Malladi Brothers on October 17. The Malladi Brothers were accompanied by Kum. Apoorva Krishna on Violin, Sri Tumkur B. Ravishankar on Mridangam and Sri S. Srishyla on Ghatam.
  • Diwali or Deepavali, popularly known as the "Festival of Lights" was celebrated on October 23. The celebrations for the day started with seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laskhmi and Goddess Saraswati.  Student events, such as, photography and rangoli competition were organised to celebrate the 'Spirit of Diwali'. Vaidya Upasana Kanakbhai (MT2014129), Neelima Neelambaran (MT2014074) and Trivedi Shivang Vijaykumar (MT2014114) won the rangoli competition, with Neha Tarigopula (IMT2012029), Dhananjay Pawan Ravi (IMT2012014) and Tanmayee Narendra (IMT2012046) as the runner up. Rajan Paladia (MT2014082) bagged the first prize in the photography competition, followed by Kritika Rashi (MT2014055) as the runner up. Later in the evening the entire campus was lit by earthen diyas. Students were dressed in ethic attire and celebrated the festival with great enthusiasm. The day ended with an inter-batch Antakshari competition.
  • Mobile Apps CoE task force meeting was held on October 27.  Profs. S. Sadagopan, T. K. Srikanth, Chandrashekar Ramanathan, and S. Rajagopalan, Project Investigator (Centre for Mobile Application), Mr. Ramesh Sundaraman, and other external eminent people participated in the meeting.
  • The Rastriya Ekta Diwas event was organized by the Dean-Academic and R&D, on October 31. It was well-attended by the students, staff and faculty. Prof. Debabrata Das, the Dean, addressed the gathering to stay united forever and work hard on their respective missions to remove main enemy of this country, i.e., poverty. Two students, Kumaresh Krishnan (IMT2013021) and Gavini Lakshmi Swetha (IMT2013016) also addressed the gathering. The event ended with the faculty, staff and students taking the oath for unity of India. 


  • The paper titled “Data Enriched SACK: A Novel Acknowledgement Generation Scheme for Secure SCTP”, by Anil Kumar V. (PH2011006) and Prof. Debabrata Das has been accepted for IEEE Communication Letter October 2014.
  • The paper titled “Evaluation and Optimization of Short TCP Completion Time over Wireless Broadband Access Networks”, by Balakrishnan K .(PH2010901) and Prof. Debabrata Das has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Wireless Networks, Springer, October 2014. 

Faculty & Staff

  • Profs. Debabrata Das and V. Sridhar have been invited to be member of COMmunication Systems NETworkS (COMSNETS) Board. This association organizes tier-1 conferences, in the area of communications, in India, and is affiliated to the IEEE and the ACM. The list of all board members can be found at: http://comsnets-association.org/committee.php  
  • Profs. S. Sadagopan and Debabrata Das were invited to Prime Minister's Digital India Initiative discussion on October 16 at DeitY, Delhi.
  • Prof. S. Sadagopan was the Chief Guest for IEEE Metropolitan Conference. In the conference he delivered the inaugural address on "Role of Big Data and IoT for Mankind and Next Generation of Technology" at the conference. The IEEE Headquarters organized the Metropolitan Area Conference outside of USA for the first time, and Bengaluru was the chosen venue.

  • Prof. Debabrata Das presented an invited talk in IoT track on "Concept of IoT and Govt. Initiatives", at the IEEE Metropolitan Conference.

  • Balaji Parthasarathy has been awarded an Academic Writing Residency by the Rockefeller Foundation to spend four weeks in Summer 2015 at the Foundation's Bellagio Center in Como, Italy, to work on a book manuscript tentatively titled "Collaborative Governance Regimes: Social Innovation in India".

  • Prof. Muralidhara V. N. has been awarded a research grant by IBM under the Shared University Research (SUR) Grant scheme.

  • There are new faces and roles on campus. Details of their joining:
    • Ashwini P., as Lab in charge, Hides Lab, on October 15.
    • Vishnu Priya, as Research Associate on October 20.


  • The paper titled “Design of Valid Summative Assessment Instruments in Formal Higher Education Programmes,” by Shilpi Banerjee (PH2012002), Prof. N.J.Rao, Prof.  Chandrashekar Ramanathan and Vyshnavi Ramesh (PH2009906), has been accepted for IEEE Technology for Education (T4E- 2014) conference.
  • The paper titled “Mutual Information based Weighted Fuzzy Clustering,” by Yogalakshmi Jayabal (PH2011002) and Prof. Chandrashekhar Ramanathan, has been accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics (IC3I) to be held in SJCE, Mysore, India from November 27 – 29, 2014.

  • The team, Heuristic-2-Mystic, comprising of Bhargav Khamar (MT2013066), Nirav Bakori (MT2013034), Mayur Patidar (MT2013075), and Ankit Sadariya (MT2013128) participated in the preliminary round of the ACM Intercollegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Amritapuri, and have been selected for the next onsite programming competition to be held on December 16.

  • The paper titled "Automated Layout Preservation in Cross Language
    Translation of Document: An Integrated Approach and Implementation" by Vivek Yadav (MS2012009) and Prof. Chandrashekhar Ramanathan has been selected for ACM COMPUTE 2014 conference.

  • The poster titled "Performance Improved NSGA-II for Analog Yield Optimization" by Sita Kondamadugula (PH2010904) and Prof. Srinath. R. Naidu was presented at the IEEE CAS SBC Workshop on "Advanced Topics in VLSI Circuit Design" held during October 18-19 in IIT Roorkee.

  • The paper titled “A Novel Access Scheme for IoT Communications in LTE-Advance Networks”, by Prashant K. Wali (PH2012005) and Prof. Debabrata Das, has been accepted for IEEE International Conference on Advance Networks and Telecommunication Systems (ANTS – 2014) in October 2014.

  • The paper titled "DTI - DKI fitting: a graphical toolbox for estimation and visualization of diffusion tensor and diffusion kurtosis imaging," by Rajikha Raja( PH2012006), Prof. Neelam Sinha and Jitender Saini, has been accepted for SPIE Medical Imaging conference to be held in February 2015 at Orlando. 

  • The paper titled "Reconstruction and Analysis of MR Images" by Rajikha Raja (PH2012006), has been accepted for ICVGIP (Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing) Doctoral symposium, to be held at IISc, Bangalore, during December 2014.

  • Sweety Agrawal (MS2012001) presented the following paper at the ODBASE 2014 conference in Amantea, Italy on October 29:
    Agrawal, Sweety, Chinmay Jog, and Srinath Srinivasa. "Integrity Management in a Trusted Utilitarian Data Exchange Platform." In On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2014 Conferences, pp. 623-638. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014

Guest Talks

  • October 8: “Basics of Cancer and Cancer Genomics” by Dr. Sriganesh Srihari, Post-doctoral research fellow at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland, Australia.
  • October 9: “Energy-Efficient Multihop Progressive Estimation and Distributed Adaptive Quantization for Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Networks” by Dr. Santosh Shah, Ph.D. in Information Technologies, Communications and Computational Mathematics from the University of Valencia, Spain.
  • October 15: “It’s All about the Data: Data-Driven Content Creation and Human Pose Estimation” by Dr. Arjun Jain, Post-doctoral researcher at the Computer Science department at New York University's Courant Institute.
  • October 15: Delivery of services by government agencies - achieving greater accountability and transparency using ICTs” by Mr. B. A. Harish Gowda, IAS (retd), Former Secretary, Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Government of Karnataka.
  • October 29: “Integrating price responsive demand into the unit commitment problem” by Dr. Vamsi Krishna Tumuluru, Assistant Professor,  Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore.  

Campus Visitors

  • October 14 - Dr. Rangarajan, CTO, YAZMI.
  • October 17 – Mr. Sanjeev Roy, Senior Higher Education Expert - EU Public Diplomacy and Outreach in India and in the SAARC.
  • October 24 – Mr. Ramanujan, Chief Postmaster General Karnataka Postal Circles.
  • October 27 – Mr. Kumar Ramachandran, Sricity.
  • October 28 – Ms. Kavita Jha, Director - Engineering from Ramyam Intelligence Lab.
  • October 28 - Mr. Rudhraapathy J., Director, Financial Software & Systems (P) Ltd.


  • November 1-25: Admissions for Ph.D. in Jan 2015 is open.
  • November 26: CDS (Centre for Data Sciences) workshop.