November 2014

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Mr. Prabir K. Das (Director, STPI Bangalore), joined the Governing Body
(November 10)
European Union higher education outreach delegation
(November 12)
International Student's Day
(November 17)
The farewell for the Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development Programme for Myanmar students
(November 17)
The farewell for the Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development Programme for Myanmar students
(November 17)
Dr. Ram Chillarege, President, Chillarege Inc.
(November 18)
Mobile Apps Open house
(November 26)
Center for Data Sciences (CDS) workshop
(November 26)
M.Tech 1st year students who participated in the Intel IOT Roadshow Hackathon
(November 22-23)
Progress of new hostel building construction

From the Director's Desk:

November 2014 saw two important meetings taking place; 57th Board meeting on November 10 and 14th Faculty Selection Committee meeting on November 11.

Admissions to Ph.D. programme for January 2015 started in this month, a first in the history of IIITB with all PhD admissions happening only in July so far. Admissions to the second batch of Sponsored M.Tech. (for Samsung employees) also started in November 2014.

Thirty students of MIIT (Myanmar Institute of Information Technology) completed their six month long training at IIITB on November 17 and left for Mandalay, Myanmar where they will complete their remaining 3 months of the PGDSD Programme.

Teams of researchers from France, European Union and Netherlands visited IIITB during November to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing research partnerships with IIITB.

The “Open House” held on November 26, 2014 by Center for Data Sciences and Mobile Apps group got excellent traction with more than 50 external visitors and nearly 100 students participating. You will find more details in this edition of the Newsletter.

Infosys Science Prize announcement on November 10 warmed up the celebration atmosphere in R&D community that saw Nobel Prize announcement recently and with Turing Award, ACM Infosys Prize and ACM Fellows announcement expected soon; Prof. Jayant Haritsa of IISc is the Infosys Science Prize winner in the Engineering & Computer Sciences category.




  • The 57th Meeting of the Governing Body was held on November 10. Mr. Prabir K Das (Director, STPI Bangalore) and Mr. Srivatsa Krishna, (Secretary, Department of IT and BT, S&T, Government of Karnataka) have joined as new members of the Governing Body.
  • The farewell for the Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development (PGDSD) Programme for Myanmar students was held on November 17.
  • Mobile Apps Center of Excellence meeting was held on November 17.
  • IIITB celebrated "International Student's Day" on November 17.
  • The Mobile Apps Open House was conducted as part of IIITB's Mobile Apps Center of Excellence (I-MACX) on November 26. The inauguration of the open house and subsequent demonstrations was attended by more than 25 distinguished guests including people from industry, social organizations and venture funds. In this first edition of open house, a total of 30 students (M.Tech, iMTech) showcased around 16 mobile (Android, iOS, Mobile-web) and IOT (Intel) apps.
  • Center for Data Sciences (CDS) organized its Second Workshop on November 26. CDS ( was founded by five faculty members - Profs. G. Srinivasaraghavan, Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, J. Dinesh Babu, Jaya Sreevalsan Nair and Srinath Srinivasa. The day -long event began with research presentations by the research scholars and overview talks by the faculty members. The highlight of the workshop was the guest talk titled "From Data to Action: A Research Perspective" by Dr. R. Badrinath, from Ericsson Research. This was followed by Project  Elective (PE) presentations and demonstrations by students affiliated to the four labs of CDS - Document Engineering Lab, Multimodal Perception Lab,  Graphics-Visualization-Computing Lab, and Web Sciences Lab.
  • Music echoed throughout the campus on November 28. The basketball court became stage for the musical performances. The audience sat in the open space and enjoyed every bit of the musical beat. Every moment of the musical night was memorable for all the music lovers in the campus. Students came up with different styles of music like rock, Bollywood etc. Michael Peter, Sumit Dutta, Sumit Singh Chouhan, Ashutosh Trivedi, Nitesh Kumar, Akhil Girish gave a guitar performance. Apoorwa Mishra and Sumit Dutta organized the memorable musical night.


  • The Paper titled "Dynamics of intermittent force fluctuations in vesicular nanotubulation” by Prof. B. Ashok and G. Ananthkrishna has been published in The Journal of Chemical Physics by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) -- J. Chem. Phys.  vol.141, pp. 174905-1 - 174905-13 (2014).
  • The Paper titled "Oscillatory dynamics of a charged microbubble under ultrasound", by T. Hongray, B. Ashok and J. Balakrishnan has been published in Pramana, Journal of Physics, 25 pages (2014), (in press). Pramana is published jointly by Springer & the Indian Academy of Sciences.

Faculty & Staff

  • Prof. Amit Prakash was invited to deliver a talk on "Opportunities and Challenges in Designing IT Solutions to Address Societal Needs" at Code Together, an event organized by Oracle Academy on November 8. It saw participation of over 350 students and teachers from 30 high schools and engineering colleges in Bangalore.
  • Prof. Subajit Sen has been invited to provide his expert comments on job opportunities and the preparation needed for both B.Tech/BE and M.Tech students for a career in VLSI chip design. The article appeared in the Career section Of EFY in their November 2014 issue, page 48.  He has mentioned that currently the scope for careers in chip designing is not as much as other areas (such as IT). He attributes this trend to the requirement of a higher level of technical knowledge and skills in Electronics engineering, the necessity of expensive EDA tools as well as the absence of a VLSI fab (foundry) and ecosystem. However, on a brighter note, he has mentioned that as India gears up towards ESDM product design and manufacturing, the career opportunities the job opportunities in the area is expected to rapidly increase. He has also commented on the need for prospective students to avoid becoming narrow specialists and try to become interdisciplinary to be attractive to start-up companies.


  • The paper titled "Optimization of Energy Management in Large Scale Smart Grid Systems" by Sunil Kumar Vuppala (PH2009902) and Prof. G.N.S.Prasanna was presented at INFORMS Annual Meeting 2014 held at San Francisco, USA during Nov 9 – 12.
  • The paper titled "Uncertainty Quantification for Robust Optimization and Extended Relational Algebra of Polytopes" by Abhilasha Aswal, Anushka Chandrababu and Prof. G.N.S. Prasanna was presented at INFORMS Annual Meeting 2014 held at San Francisco, USA during Nov 9 – 12.
  • The paper titled "Ontology-based smart learning environment for teaching word problems in mathematics" by Aparna Lalingkar, Prof. Chandrashekar Ramnathan and Prof. Srinivasan Ramani has been published in the Journal of Computers in Education by Springer on November 18.This paper is the extended version of the conference paper which won best paper award in July 2014.
  • Aneesha Devulapally (IMT2013013), Soumya Rudraraju (IMT2013036), Sulekha, (IMT2013049) participated in the GE Edison Challenge organized by GE's Technology Centres in India, and hosted by John F Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC), Bangalore.
  • Abel Paul Babu(MT2014501), Gautham Sitaram Yaji(MT2014036), Pratesh KR Reddy(MT2014519), Sumanth Bhat(MT2014515), Tony Thomas(MT2014516) participated in the Intel IOT Roadshow Hackathon held on November 22-23 in Bangalore. They developed a smart parking system using IOT which consisted of a hardware section (Galileo boards), a cloud section (using ParseCloud), and an Android app. The user, through the Android app, could find out which is the closest parking location to him, and also see a parking floor plan and his current location with respect to the closest parking space, with the help of google maps, which was also integrated within the android app. Students able to successfully develop the prototype within a span of 16 hours and demonstrate the same to the judges and they were even selected for the finals of this event. The Application name is Park Easy.
  • Team LDSIS has been selected to participate in ACM ICPC 2014 Gwalior Site Contest to be held on December 20 and 21. Members of team LDSIS are Shivam Dhabhai(MT2014113), Anish Ratnawat(MT2014005), Rajan Padalia(MT2014082).

Guest Talks

  • November 5: “Creating Synergy: Bringing out the best in Processors and FPGAs” by Dr. Madhura Purnaprajna, Research Associate, IISc., Bangalore.
  • November 10: “Optimum controller design for generic pole placement using graph-theoretic techniques” by Ms. Rachel Kalpana Kalaimani, Research scholar, IIT Bombay.
  • November 10: “What went behind setting up a trading infrastructure for dematerialized stock markets in India” by Mr.C.B.Bhave, Former Founder and CEO of NSDL, Former Chairman of SEBI.
  • November 23: “IT infrastructure for a large bank like ICICI Bank” by Mr.Murali Mahalingam, CIO of ICICI Bank.
  • November 24: “On planning one's career through introspection” by Mr.Satyen Parikh, - CEO & Founder e2-Bridge.
  • November 25: “IT in Defence” by Capt.Prabhala, Former CMD BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited).
  • November 26:Proximity and Learning in Internationalisation: Small Swedish IT firms in India” by Dr. Kristina Westermark, Department of Human Geography, University of Stockholm.

Campus Visitors

  • November 12: European Union higher education outreach delegation.
  • November 17: Mr. Rahul Narayan, Team Indus.
  • November 18: Dr. Ram Chillarege, President, Chillarege Inc.
  • November 18: Dutch NOW Industry Delegation.
  • November 21: Mr. Piyush Batnagar, Director, Product Delivery, Natasha Solution.
  • November 21: Mr. Anurag Mehrota, Chief Executive Officer, IT-Business, CMS Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
  • November 25: Dr. Anbumani Subramanian, Head Architect, Market Enabling Solutions, Intel India.
  • November 26: Mr. Vijay Krishnamurthy, CFO, Company Secretary and Legal Head of Smartplay Technologies.


  • December 3-5: Interviews for Ph.D. Admissions for January 2015.
  • December 5: Talk by TAUCHI Finland team, titled, "Body-touching: An Embodied Interaction Technique for Health Information Systems in Developing Regions".
  • December 6-18: End–Term Examination.
  • December 10: 43rd Senate Meeting.
  • December 19: Term I ends.