IIITB hosts international leadership program


IIITB hosts international leadership program image

Starting today, IIITB is hosting a four-day international leadership program organized by the University of Bristol, UK and Common Purpose, a training organization. The program will introduce and help students deal with some of the biggest issues that businesses, societies, and governments are facing worldwide. Along with 30 students from the UK, as many as 10 students from IIITB and 15 interns on the campus will be participating in the program.

"The purpose of the program is to build relationships, learn decision making and get involved in teamwork. While some projects may have technology flavor, it is mostly leadership building exercise. It will be an opportunity for IIITB students too to learn from Bristol students," said Prof V Sridhar, IIITB.

Under the program, students will get a chance to explore a global challenge -- How do we ensure technological innovation delivers societal as well as economic value in cities? -- from a local perspective and will have the opportunity to meet champions from global businesses, governments, and international not-for-profit organizations. 

The program is aimed at providing international experience to participants, challenging the participants to adapt and thrive in a new context and equipping them with the tools they need to lead change, now and in the future. Students will also learn to develop leadership skills, cultural intelligence, global and local network building skill and the art to understand and navigate complexity. During the program, the participants will get a chance to interact with leaders from visiting organizations such as Schneider Electric, Bangalore Traffic Police, Smart Cities India Foundation, Association of People with Disabilities and Habitat for Humanity.