Institute Industry Interaction Cell

  1. The Institute industry interaction cell (IIIC) at IIIT Bangalore refers to its programs and association with Industry. IIIT Bangalore has had close association with the industry ever since its inception at the turn of the millennium.  Industry continues to play a big part in the growth and development of the Institute even as it draws on the Institute for talent and joint research. 
  2. The objective of the IIIC is to reduce the gap between the Institute and Industry and to offer real time exposure on projects and other developments that would benefit both, Institute and Industry.
  3. Some functions of IIIC at IIIT Bangalore are:
    • To be a sounding board for the Institute on matters of offering professional education to Industry
    • To proactively identify IT skills gaps in the Industry 
    • To forecast IT skill requirements of the industry based on business and technology trends
    • To articulate key business pain points that can be addressed by technology
    • To address the student community about industry trends and opportunities
      • Through guest lectures
      • Through projects
      • Through workshops
  4. There are several ways in which Industry and the Institute can partner for mutual benefit. The IIIC at IIIT Bangalore participates in the following activities:
    • Joint research & consultancy
      Since its inception, the IIIC has played a vital role in bringing together Government Agencies, Universities, Industry faculty and students resulting in important contributions to design and development of the implementation of ICT in the country and across the world. The consultancy service of IIIT Bangalore facilitates, coordinates and administers Sponsored and Consultancy projects. It also identifies and protects IP rights and manages transfer of technology and commercialization.

      Various types of consultancy are undertaken including:
      • Technology assessment / management, project assessment
      • Product / process design / development
      • Simulation / modeling / optimization
      • Software development
      • Retainership of faculty in advisory capacity over specified periods
      • Troubleshooting / testing
    • Internship and Full time placement
      • Our 2 year Mtech Students (IT and ESD) have to go through 6 months of internship in their 4th term followed prior to their graduation and full time placements. Thanks to some of the best companies in the industry showing interest in our students and helping them with their careers, we have had a track record of 100% placement of our students.
      • Our new course M.Sc. in Digital Society (2 year programme) students have to go through the process similar to our M.Tech Students.
      • Our iMtech (5 year integrated M.Tech) students are available for 2.5 months of summer internship which is then followed by coursework. They also have to go through 6 months internship in their 10th semester and are then available for Full time placements.
    • Request you to kindly click on the link mentioned below for further details about our degree programmes: 
      The Placement season usually opens in September of each year. For more information on placement, you are welcome to write to 
      For information on our website please click on
    • Alumni program
      Alumni represent another very important stakeholder community for the institute and its future. We have over 2500 alumni who are in leading companies as well as successful entrepreneurs. We connect with our alumni in various ways such as research collaborations, star lectures by distinguished achievers, mentorship activities, knowledge sharing sessions with current students, etc. 

      Alumni activities are run by the Alumni Council, a body elected by the registered alumni supported by the student alumni committee
      For information on alumni connect please click on: 
    • Executive education for IT professionals
      We have various customized and calendarised executive education programmes for the working IT professional. IIIT Bangalore has conducted programs specifically tailored for the requirements of several companies. IIIT Bangalore is currently conducting an M.Tech program for the employees Samsung. 
      To know more about our programs, please write to 
    • Scholarships:
      Scholarships are available for all Ph.D. and Masters of Science by Research students.  They are also available to approximately 15-20% of the M.Tech. students and to approximately 25% of iM.Tech students. The selection based on student accomplishments in academic as well as other areas and interviews. We welcome Industry to offer scholarships to our students.
    • Advisory Board:
      Many members of the industry are a part of our advisory board where they share their views and ideas in order to help the institute understand the current trends and needs of the industry.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility:
      Industry is invited to support the Institute as part of its CSR initiatives. Apart from our educational activities, our incubation centre (called the IIITB Innovation Centre) is eligible to receive funds under the definition of CSR as per the law. The IIITB Innovation Centre, founded in 2009, has already graduated around a dozen startup companies, and is currently incubating several technology startups in areas such as Medical Devices, Aadhaar based devices for financial inclusion, social media and smart metering solutions.

      IIIT Bangalore is a top ranking academic institution focusing on graduate studies and research in the areas of Information Technology and Electronics.  This institute is among the earliest to be set up in the Public Private partnership Model. The government of Karnataka supported us with gift of land and grants for buildings. The industry has supported with corpus donations, chair professorship, scholarships and support for research. Though we do not receive any grants towards our operating expenditure from the Government, we are able to maintain a moderate student fees due to the support we receive from industries in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility.

      Apart from the satisfaction of supporting a noble cause, the Industry can account for this expenditure under the mandated CSR activity. In case the industry does not want to use CSR funds, but account the grant/donation  as expenditure in the books of accounts, the industry will get benefits under section 35 (1) (2) of the IT act  which enables the industry to account 175% of the donation as allowable expenditure and reduce the income tax substantially. This also creates warm feelings not only within the student and teaching community of the institute, but also with visitors to the institute and its website.

    • Mentoring start-up companies at the IIITB Innovation Centre:
      Industry can play a vital role in mentoring the startup companies, be it advising them about the market, help with funding, strategy, etc. The Innovation Centre invites accomplished professionals - in the field of IT, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Venture funding, etc. – who are passionate about working with startup companies, to join its panel of mentors. Please contact for more details. 
      For more information on our Innovation center please click

  5. Following will constitute of the Institute Industry Interactive Cell

    Sr. No.






    Mr. D V Jagadish

    CEO – Outreach



    Prof. S Rajagopalan

    Professor, IIIT Bangalore



    Prof. Srinath Srinivasa

    Dean (R&D)



    Mr. Ramesh Sundararaman

    CEO, IIIT Bangalore Innovation Center



    Prof. Tricha Anjali

    Associate Dean, Professional Education



    Swathi Sharma Kalagaru


    Senior Producer-Digital Media and Branding




    Roshni Dsouza

    Senior Outreach Officer



    Vijayeta Sharma

    Senior Outreach Officer Innovation & Entrepreneurship



    Rasmita Sahu

    Admin and Placement Coordinator